Phoolon Ka Taroon Ka – Cover Song By Akanksha Bhandari

Get a flashback and relive your childhood with this beautiful song by Akanksha Bhandari.

The relation between Siblings is the sweetest and the naughtiest in the world. An entirely Love-Hate relationship, which is given depth and beauty by the lovely voice of this singer! Relive the cute fights for remotes, the “mom loves you more” woes, the fighting with the world who says anything to them, the “I will bat first” arguments and all such amazing memories.

Phoolon Ka Taroon Ka - Cover Song By Akanksha Bhandari
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Akanksha Bhandari’s magical voice and playfulness has added a different spark to this beautiful evergreen classic! She is the musical diva who has the eternal and endless urge to learn new music of all genres. Her enthusiasm, finesse and persona all creates a mesmerising experience for us every time she takes up that microphone.

Watch The Song in Her Beautiful Voice

Akanksha Bhandari is coming up with more songs and video, you can follow her on her social media pages by visiting her website here.

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