Annabelle Creation movie review – one time watch for a few scary kicks

Annabelle Creation movie review – one time watch for a few scary kicks

Genre – Supernatural Horror, Thriller

Running time – 109 minutes

Director – David Sandleberg

Writer – Gary Dauberman

Cinematography – Maxime Alexandre

Cast – Stephanie Sigman as Sister Charlotte, Talitha Bateman as Janice, Anthony LaPaglia as Samuel Mullins, Miranda Otto as Esther Mullins

Annabelle Creation movie review - one time watch for a few scary kicks
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Annabelle: Creation is a prequel to 2014’s horror movie Annabelle about a doll whose presence causes dark things to happen to the people who own it.

Annabelle Creation Movie review

Annabelle Creation is set in the year 1955. The Mullins open their home for Sister Charlotte and six young girls left destitute by the shutting down of their orphanage. Once the girls come to the house, strange things start happening: as once would expect in any horror movie.

The movie starts off beautifully. In one of the first scenes, where the bus carrying the girls is on its way to the foster home – it portrays an ominous foreboding. Cinematographically, Maxime Alexandre has done a rather good job. The sets are quite authentic in their portrayal of 1940’s and 1950’s America.

Annabelle Creation movie review - one time watch for a few scary kicks
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The  movie explains how two heart broken parents invite the soul of their daughter to be able to feel close to her after her death. They are desperate for any sign from her. Predictably, it is not the daughter who returns back from the dead, but some evil force which eventually takes over the the doll Annabelle.

First, the evil doll Annabelle first targets Janice (Talitha Bateman) and takes over her body. Janice is a young orphan with polio. Disabled Janice feels that her faith is weak. Since her weak faith, she feels she is a target for evil forces. Then the next target is the father. Samuel Mullins, the foster father played by Anthony LaPaglia, is the epitome of the silent brooding types who who talks less and struts around more. He fits the role a horror movie father pretty well considering he speaks little, and dies first – in a horrible fashion. After the brutal murder of the only male, all the females are left in the house to run around screaming – the done to death script for a typical horror movie.

The sound effects for Annabelle Creation are good

The movie manages to give you the creeps in various scenes. Somehow, the scenes involving the scarecrow are rather eerie. People jumped in the movie hall during the scenes where the camera followed Janice during the first 20-30 minutes. Also, in scenes that involved Janice’s best friend Linda, there were some shots which gave viewers the jeepers.

While the movie starts off well, towards the end the movie turns gory. Once the initial shocks, kicks and scary effects are over: it becomes a drag. Surprisingly, the last 10 minutes are well structured. Evil Janice finds a foster home, and ultimately kills her own foster parents. Finally, the end syncs well with the beginning of the 2014 Annabelle, making it a one time watch for a few scary kicks.

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