Badla Review: Amitabh Taapsee shine in a perfect brain teaser

Badla Review: Amitabh Taapsee shine in a perfect brain teaser

Rating: 3.5/5.0

Badla is the first suspense thriller of 2019. Film promos keep the element of surprise alive. And that curiosity was enough to watch Sujay Ghosh’s ‘BADLA’. We will not unfold the suspense. Watch it on a big screen to know whether its a pleasant or nasty one.

With national award winner, KAHANI and short film AHALYA to his credit, director Sujay Ghosh knows his craft well. He has put in visible efforts in this film too.

Without wasting even a millisecond, the film delves straight into the thick of crime. In fact, BADLA should have come with a disclaimer, “get distracted and lose the plot”. The film literally moves ahead with every dialogue 😊.

Let’s just say, end of every dialogue brings in a twist !!!

Lethal combo of spitfire Taapsee Pannu with equally resilient and combative Amitabh Bachchan has earlier worked together too. But the similarity between PINK and BADLA ends just there. Though inspired by a Spanish film, THE INVISIBLE GUEST, the original tenor is not lost in the bargain.

Badla Review: An intuitive thriller

Most of the action takes place in a small room across the table between Mr. Badal Gupta, the established lawyer, and Naina. She is the alpha achiever and businesswoman of the year. And exactly for this reason, BADLA feels like watching a crime series over Netflix or maybe detective series like ‘Mentalist’.

Yet BADLA is a cleverly crafted crime caper. It is more about mind games played between various protagonists. Like a game of chess, storyline proceeds with multiple possibilities and multiple outcomes. Far from being a nail-biting or edge-of-the-seat suspense drama, BADLA brings in a battle of wits. The Framing of the purported victim V/S saving of the actual victim will keep your grey cells ticking throughout.

The first half holds us in rapt attention. While rewinding of a single situation for multiple times in the second half makes us little restless. Our interest levels start dipping when the film gets stretched. Though the climax is pretty dramatic but seems a little unconvincing. There are several loopholes too but are cleverly disguised under taut screenplay.

The Plot

Naina has been implicated in the murder of her partner. Her lawyer is there to save her provided she tells truth. Not the truth she wants him to see but the real truth that lies somewhere between the fine details left behind knowingly or unknowingly. Obviously, the layers start peeling off with every honest confession. Also, being on a time leash, all of major twists and turns are cramped in the last half an hour. It is like suddenly doing a bottoms-up of a bottle when you were relishing and enjoying every small sip ☹.

But for most of the time, one gets completely engrossed in this Hitchcock styled who-done-it crime saga. The answer lies right under your nose but is just concealed in the web of deceit and terror.

The Cast

Acting powerhouse Amitabh Bachchan is way above any bouquets or brickbats. He goes about doing his part with the total focus of a Shaolin fighter.

Badla Movie Review: Amitabh Taapsee shines in a perfect brain teaser
Image Source: Youtube screen-grab

Without a single missed step, he takes us on a wild chase before delivering the judgment in a point-blank manner. With the finesse of a seasoned actor, he brings in more gravitas to the table.

Holding her own against the mighty living legend, Taapsee Pannu justifies her presence through the gamut of expressions and emotions.

Badla Movie Review: Amitabh Taapsee shines in a perfect brain teaser
Image Source: Youtube screen-grab

Fearful and dejected self is well balanced with cocky manipulative and super confident woman in the next. A conscious decision of doing only women-oriented may have paid off well. Here too she steals the show completely. But before getting typecast, she must now move on to a different genre.

Amrita Singh as victim’s iron-willed mother has delivered a natural performance and we would love to see more of her.

Rest of the important cast is of theatre actors who gel well with the scene.

Music wise nothing much to offer since we are spared of dance-song routine.

If not made for our country-cousins, BADLA is best suited for the city slickers who might enjoy this brain teaser more than in-your-face masala entertainment 😊 😊

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