“But why hang only artistes”, says Priyanka Chopra

Between all sorts of statements coming, and actions being taken over Pakistani artistes in the Bollywood, Priyanka Chopra, in her interview with NDTV, told that it was unfair to target the artistes only.

Priyanka Chopra, in her interview with NDTV, told that it was unfair to target the artistes only.
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Since the attacks in Uri, the tension among the countries has been increasing and the ban of Pakistani artistes in the Bollywood took place by the committee of IMPPA. On being asked for her opinion by the reporter, Priyanka called the situation tricky. She asked that why it is only the actors that are always held responsible for political agendas.

She said,

“Second, I’m extremely patriotic. So, whatever my government decide to keep the country safe, I go with that but at the same time I believe that artists are not representation of, at least not yet, there has not been an actor who has done something to harm someone’s life.

She questioned that why people are not picking on someone who has actively done wrong.

Talking about the families of Indian soldiers she said,

 “They are not concerned about who is coming into the country, doing a movie… and going away. They are concerned about keeping rest of their sons and rest of their soldiers safe and that needs to be our focus.”

Priyanka Chopra in Quantico
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The Quantico star said that she was appalled by what happened in Uri. She mentioned that people lose their focus on the central issue because targeting artistes make noise.

She said,

“This is not at all an issue. This is entertainment. This is business. People buy ticket, watch a movie for three hours and come away. Done. Finish. Period”

The Bollywood stars have been talking about the bans and the rising tensions between the two countries. In a video posted on twitter, earlier this month, Akshay Kumar also mentioned how the country is losing focus on the main issue and not thinking about the families of those who lost their brave sons.

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