Controversial Film Posters of Bollywood & Hollywood


Be it Bollywood or Hollywood, both the film industries have encountered several poster controversies in the last few decades. The desire of the producers and directors to market their films and promote the same with controversial pictures & provocative images often ignited several agitations by civil society, political parties or even the common people at large across nations. In quite a few cases, even the censor board came forward demanding these posters’ modifications or removal.

Top 5 Controversial Bollywood Film Posters


PK (2014): Superstar Aamir Khan known for his immortal roles in Rang de Basanti, Sarfarosh and Mangal Pandey sparked a fresh controversy in which he was shown as a semi-nude alien. A legal petition was filed in this regard claiming the actor of promoting obscenity but the honorable Supreme Court gave a clean chit to the PK team saying nothing wrong was in the poster.


Jism2 (2012): The poster of the film stirred fresh controversy in Amritsar when protestors burnt down the effigies of Sunny Leone. The poster showed a woman in drenched white transparent saree .


Dirty Picture (2011): Actress Vidya Balan’s superhit film was in trouble when the Andhra Pradesh court directed the police to take action for the amount of obscenity shown in the film’s posters.


Kurbaan (2009): The bare-baked posters of Kareena Kapoor Khan along with her husband Saif Ali Khan raised several eyebrows. Many political parties demanded change in the posters. However, with the release of the film the matter came to rest.


Paap (2003): More than the story or its theme, Paap is known for its bare-backed posters. Newbie Udita Goswami and John Abraham featured in the film’s highly controversial posters.

Top 4 Controversial Hollywood Film Posters


Final Destinations 5 (2011): The Advertising Standards Authority in the UK argued that the film’s original poster is highly disturbing for the little children. The poster was highly scary and a horrific one. It was removed from public display even before the release of the film.


Wanted (2008): The film tried to glorify the use of guns, which is a violent concept in itself. Actress Angelina Jolie and lead actor James McAvoy featured in the poster bearing a tagline, “This is your destiny. Join us”. The poster was banned in several countries including the UK and elsewhere for fear of promoting violence. However, the film was passed by the US censorship authorities.


The Hills Have Eyes 2 (2007): The original poster of the film depicting hand outside body bag was highly grotesque and unethical for public viewing because of its violent display. MPAA didn’t allow it first but when the director flipped the image showing leg outside bag, the poster was approved.


Man Bites Dog (1992): The classic film set in Belgian background seemed unethical from the start. The poster showing blood-splattered pacifier was highly objectionable. Later, the director was forced to change the image for the film’s release in foreign countries outside Belgium.

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