Evan Rachel Woods and Esme Bianco open up about physical abuse

Evan Rachel Woods and Esme Bianco open up about physical abuse

History is a witness to the fact that women have suffered physical, mental and sexual abuse. This is a step towards making the society stop victim blaming. For such a long time we have shamed the abuse victim that now even they are convinced that this abuse is normal.

Hollywood open up on Physical Abuse

In a recent movement started by Evan Rachel Woods, she took to social media and shared her horror story of being in an abusive relationship.

Evan was in a physically abusive relationship for 2 years.

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In another Instagram video post, she says she doesn’t know what is not to be scared anymore.

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She shared images of her cuts and wounds on social media showing the gravity of her situation. She is also urging other women to share the stories of their abusive relationships.

Following her, Game of Thrones actress Esme Bianco also shared her story of dealing with PTSD and anxiety which was a result of being in a physically abusive relationship.

Physical Abuse: A social stigma

Many social media stars and activists have been spearheading these kinds of movements like #metoo. This only is proof that women in all strata of society have been facing physical and sexual abuse.

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I remember when #metoo started my Facebook page was flooded with #metoo statuses. It only made me realize that men and women around me, the people I know since my childhood have suffered sexual, mental and physical abuse.

There are always two kinds of reaction to these hashtags:

“It’s just a hashtag, what difference is it going to make” and “I have been through this too”.

Time and again people say that these movements don’t make any difference. Firstly, it will make you realize that the situation in the lives of abuse victims and society. Secondly, there is an enormous amount of abuse victim. 

To people who share their experience, it takes a lot of courage to come on an open platform to share their story. You do not become vulnerable, you get more empowered.

Any abuse is not normal

We don’t understand the kind of trauma and emotions that an abuse victim has to deal with. They go on from blaming themselves for the abuse to blocking the world around them and shutting themselves. They cope by believing that what is happening to them is normal. Constantly living in the fear of stepping on emotional eggshells, they start believing that this is their life.

To normalize the pain they start cutting themselves and hurting themselves. They start drug and alcohol abuse; stop fighting; sometimes they also give up.

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I think it is about time that we stop normalizing any kind of abuse as normal and something not to be spoken about. We need to understand that abuse victims around us need support. 

Our society has mocked and suppressed victims by trying to make abuse sound like it is normal. We are constantly saying things like, “don’t do anything to trigger your abuser” or “doesn’t matter it just happened once, it won’t happen again”.

I believe what has happened once, will only get graver. What began as just a push against the wall, will end up in hitting. What began as ‘just one’ slap will end up in physical violence. And none of this is normal. No person has the right to abuse another person.  

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