Jagga Jasoos : Ranbir Kapoor & Anurag Basu take you on a magical journey

Jagga Jasoos : Ranbir Kapoor & Anurag Basu take you on a magical journey

JAGGA JASOOS is in the making for 4 long years when the current films are wound up in 4 months flat. And so we want to believe that it has matured into some fine vintage wine, in the meantime. Also, let’s not forget that we have been merrily drunk earlier on the potent cocktail of BARFI, a super-combo of intense Ranbir Kapoor and creative Anurag Basu. No guesses that I was thirsting for my next tipple from the duo anyways.

Jagga Jasoos : Ranbir Kapoor & Anurag Basu takes you on a magical journey
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Has Jagga Jasoos been a fruitful wait, worth our precious time and money?

To begin, hop on the adventure wagon.
If you are a die hard fan of TIN TIN films and want to relive the fantasy in the faraway lands with the Indian actors than JAGGA JASOOS is the film for you. It is almost like walking through those colourful picture comics that take up life like forms. At heart, Jagga Jasoos a simple lost & found mystery solved by a stuttering detective, Ranbir Kapoor and his willing accomplice, Katrina Kaif. To watch a life in boarding schools straight out of Enid Blyton and Harry Potter is thoroughly entertaining. His risky voyages and unexpected encounters in trains, aeroplanes, elephants and even an Emu on the way will take you on a picturesque tour of Morocco to Thailand to Africa.

Magic continues

For the better part, JAGGA JASOOS is a musical rhapsody peppered with stunning visuals of a bountiful nature. Experiencing vivid colour blast on the canvas of 70mm screen is simply mind blowing. Whether it is canoeing through the caves or wading your way through the lush countryside or walking under the clear blue skies with drifting tufts of cotton balls or just sitting beside the turquoise lakes; Jagga Jasoos surely brings back our forgotten piece of childhood. A cheerful medley of pop-up colours and props is THE recipe for ‘Happy you’.

Technically, Jagga Jasoos is on par with Hollywood fairy tales. Slick editing and brilliant cinematography of Ravi Varman, steals the show. But minuses cannot be discounted either. Ranbir and Katrina share a strictly official chemistry, as if making love from two opposite poles. Somewhere down the line, Ranbir gets a tad repetitive. Most difficult is keeping up with the break less songs…phewwww…..


Our patience fails the test of patience! But mind you, Ranbir Kapoor’s sing song talk will be a rage with kids of all ages.

Jagga Jasoos : Ranbir Kapoor & Anurag Basu takes you on a magical journey
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If you keep those truck load of personal issues aside, it is safe to say that only a pedigree actor like Ranbir Kapoor could bring alive Jagga in flesh and bones. His extreme efforts to put up an angelic face that hides a tragic, often heart-breaking past is sure to bring a lump in your throat. Charming his way through our hearts, this blue blooded actor never ceases to surprise us with his overflowing cup of talent and inherent grace. Ranbir fans, please rejoice and wish for more 😉

Delivering a robotic act with mechanical movements may be her character’s demand but let’s credit the director for making a right choice, Katrina Kaif. Gorgeous Katrina is still every inch of a fantasy babe of countless hearts; even in her nerdy, larger than life glasses covering her entire face.

School warden, Saurabh Shukla is an old and trusted hand who goes upon doing his job like a well-oiled machine, delivering just what is required. His harmless terror act with perfect comic timing will be loved by one and all.


Rest of the cast blends seamlessly just like Pritam’s music. Few chartbusters like ‘Galati se mistake’ and ‘Ullu ke patthe’ are already ruling the music billboards.
But the best is reserved for the last.


A generous applause for the terrific director Anurag Basu, for making an independent film devoid of any ‘commercial’ trappings and who has, till now refused to join the herd of ‘ formulaic pot-boilers’.

So I suggest, step outside your dark grey world, throw in your detective hat and get ready for some sunshine days and starry nights.

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