Why Kahaani 2 Is Set to Sweep Out Rug From Under Your Feet ?

It’s the age of sequels. In the next few months lots of sequels are set to release like Rock On 2, Kahaani 2 and Tum Bin 2. Among these movies, people are really intrigued to watch Kahaani 2 for its riveting plot and exhilarating story line.

The Kahaani 2 trailer was released a day back, and as per the expectations, it got overwhelming love and admiration from the viewers.

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Nevertheless, Vidya Balan’s intense look and shrilling voice along with Arjun Rampal’s astute portrayal of a smart police official clicks well with the fans.

Kahaani 2 Is More Thrilling Than It’s Prequel Kahaani

1) The trailer promises it to be a strange and enthralling movie. A phone call, accident, comma and estranged Milli – what’s their missing link?

2) Arjun Rampal, the Police Inspector, got a secret diary of Durga Rani Singh alias Vidya Balan. He was stunned by the content written on it. Will it be able to crack the case? 

3) Vidya Balan’s character in the film is seriously ambiguous – with no one having correct information about her profile. A police station shows a poster depicting her as an insurgent and convict!! How can she be a victim and aggressor at the same time? What was the truth behind it?

4) Where is Vidya’s missing husband in the film? Some snapshots in the trailer showed she didn’t have that much bonhomie with her husband!! Did she remarry someone else? Does her husband have any role behind’s Milli’s surprise absence?

5) Durga Rani Singh aka Vidya Balan is accused on charges of murder and kidnapping, but who was her victim? Does it have any link to the past sequel of Kahaani in which she refused to utter a word in the final scene!!

Why Kahaani 2 Is Set to Sweep Out Rug Under Your Feet
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No doubt, Vidya Balan’s character in her upcoming movie is shrouded in mystery. It will be a herculean task for the investigating officer (Arjun Rampal) to disclose all secrets relating to the case and putting the real convict behind bars. Will he ultimately become successful to do so?

But then again the question emerges; is Durga Rani Singh a victim or the predator? Has she herself fallen into the puzzling trap of India’s lethargic justice system or did she manipulate the same for her personal gain?

Watch Kahaani 2 Trailer Now

Well, you have to watch the full film on December 2 later this year to find exact answers to these questions. No doubt, director Sujoy Ghosh has again pulled out an exciting thriller for the audience. Don’t miss it.

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