This Truth About Kangana Ranaut Will Shock You

We all know the two times National Award Winner, Kangana Ranaut and how she walked on smartly with every controversy. But unfortunately she too had lied; lies that she doesn’t want you to know. If you too think that this actress is all about honesty, then do check out some of the most shocking lies of Kangana Ranaut.

Claiming to be the best and the highest paid female B-town actor

After her success with Queen, it seems that Ranaut went off far seriously with the tag, eventually making her think that she is the best as well as the highest paid female actor in the B-town. Contrary to her statement, Deepika Padukone is the highest paid female actor apart from being one of the best female actors.

These 5 Lies of “Queen” Kangana Ranaut Will Shock You
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Claiming to be in her 20s

Lying about age is no big deal in Bollywood. But expecting the same from a leading actress might offend you a bit. Apparently for Kangana, she just turned 29 this March.

But, wait…

Now, check out this copy of her passport.

These 5 Lies of “Queen” Kangana Ranaut Will Shock You
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Yes, according to her passport, Ranaut was born at 1986 which makes her 30 years old. Surely it doesn’t matter.

Claiming to be Bebo’s BFF

According to the “Queen”, she and Kareena Kapoor are BFFs. Unfortunately, those who actually know Kapoor say that the latter doesn’t make friends easily. The fact is that both of them are just simple colleagues.

These 5 Lies of “Queen” Kangana Ranaut Will Shock You

And here’s another cherry on the cake! Apparently as per certain revelations, Ranaut got herself invited for Kareena and Saif’s party. Seems she is too desperate to be their friends!

Claiming Hrithik Roshan’s proposal

According to Ranaut, Hrithik had proposed her in January 2014 in Paris. But according to her emails, she had repeatedly kept asking as to when they would “meet, interact and engage.” Now that clearly shows that they had never ever interacted personally.

These 5 Lies of “Queen” Kangana Ranaut Will Shock You
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Claiming to work with Rajkumar Hirani

According to the “Queen,” Ranaut is supposed to work soon with Rajkumar Hirani. But, as per insiders, there has been no instance when Hirani had met Ranaut nor even had discussed any project with her.

These 5 Lies of “Queen” Kangana Ranaut Will Shock You
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Why, Kangana, Why!