RAW Movie Review: John Abraham is a gem to watch

Bollywood will remember 2019 as the year of patriotic themed movies and RAW: Romeo Akbar Walter is one such movie.

RAW is a Really Awesomely Wonderful attempt by Robbie Grewal and John Abraham.

Raw Movie Review: John Abraham is a gem to watch
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Rating: 2.5/5.0

RAW movie review

Movie is slow in the beginning. You have to be patient to enjoy it. Once pass the 1st half, RAW picks up the pace.

The Director should be applauded for narrating extraordinary life of our secret agents. John Abraham wonderfully portrayed himself as an intelligent and patriotic RAW agent. Though at some points I felt that he might be a traitor. But sooner I was proved wrong.

The Plot

Movie is based in 1970. Romeo Ali (John Abraham) is a banker-cum-theatre artist. Indian intelligence agency RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) picks him up for a secret mission.

Shrikant Rai (Jackie Shroff) is his mentor. He trained him as a secret agent. The training scenes remind me of Taapsee Pannu from Naam Shabana, another critically aclaimed spy thriller of 2017.

India is on the verge of war with Pakistan. Soon Romeo Ali is sent to Pakistan with a new identity of Akbar Malik. His mission was to find out the details of the neighbouring country’s preparedness for war.

Akbar was doing his job well. But soon a Pakistan officer Khudabaksh Khan (Sikander Kher) caught him red handed.

Events turn hostile for Akbar. I would refrain myself from narrating those events here. Instead you should go and witness them in a cinema hall near you.

This will be another thrilling experience post Aishwarya Rai and Randeep Hooda starrer Sarabjeet.

The Cast

John Abraham as a secret agent is just wonderful. Efforts put by him to portray different characters is amazing. I would like to mention the scene where Pakistani officers were interrogating him. You will literally feel his pain.

Raw Movie Review: John Abraham is a gem to watch
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Mouni Roy, plays the love interest of John Abraham. She is also playing a spy agent but with hardly anything into her kitty. Though she played a perfect eye candy in this tense movie.

Jackie Shroff as a spy trainer did well. But the character he was playing has very little to offer. Sikander Kher as a brutal Pakistani officer is just amazing. You will love to hate him instantly.

Dialogues are good. Music is average. Songs are average and situational.

Robbie Grewal has surely come a long way as a director. Though there were some small loop holes here and there, he did justice with the story. If could reduce the duration of the movie by 15 minutes, it would have been great.

In short, RAW is one of the best movie released this year. It perfectly showcase the thrilling life of our secret service agents. Climax is just awesome. Enjoy this thriller from John Abrahm.

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