Sridevi’s MOM is a must watch that brings forth the issue of women safety

Sridevi’s MOM is a must watch that brings forth the issue of women safety

Do we have to think twice before standing up against the injustice in the society? Or we just become a mute spectator to the heinous acts to escape the after effects? MOM, live up to the grand notion that God created her because he cannot be present everywhere.

Sridevi’s MOM is a must watch that brings forth the issue of women safety
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Debutant director, Nitin Udyawar’s ‘MOM’ tackles such questions and many more.

Extremely thought provoking and gravely – disturbing, this poignant film yanks you out of your ordinary dal-Chawal-roti existence to face the frightening reality staring in your face.

Sridevi’s MOM is a compelling watch that brings forth the ever-burning issue of women safety in the urban jungles of India. Call it as an unwanted residue of the digital revolution or the general apathy towards the fairer sex; sexual abuse under the veil of shame & fear has muted several young lives, and ruined scores of innocent childhoods.

Like the earlier gender sensitive films, PINK and NH-10; MOM too is a horrifying and gripping story of a young life snuffed out before its time.

We are in Delhi, the burgeoning Cosmopolis that hides the good, the bad and the ugly in its ever expanding belly. Where a simple act of hailing a taxi outside the farmhouse can leave you scarred for life. Aarya, the victim is a normal rebelling teenager who shares a skewed relationship with her stepmom, Sridevi; for being in their lives without her consent. It is disheartening and somewhat unnerving to watch her hatred surpassing the physical and mental pain in the later part of the film.

But, Mom Sridevi’s motherly instincts and unconditional love finally brings her back from the brink of despair warming the cockles of our hearts.

Sridevi’s MOM is a must watch that brings forth the issue of women safety
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The single most chilling sequence of a black beast SUV, slithering through the empty roads under the foggy yellow lights. In the dead of the night with the abducted victim sends the shivers down our spines. It brings back the horrifying memories of ‘Nirbhaya’ incident.

AR Rehman’s haunting background score heightens the tension to a new level. Like every law abiding citizen, Sridevi and her husband Adnan Siddique knock on the doors of the court. But the justice is denied due to the lack of proof.

It is at this juncture that a mom who is unable to hurt a fly turns into piece of burning coal, baying for the blood of the culprits who have dared to play havoc into her daughter’s life. A completely believable and relatable transformation.

Take a bow, Madam Sridevi.

Kudos to the brave director who forces us to sit up and make a note that the crime of sexual abuse has jumped out of the newspapers to your sophisticated neighbourhood that may involve your loved ones too!!

Though the second half fall into the trap of predictability, MOM ultimately turns into a revenge seeking drama but minus the blood, gore and melodrama.

Brilliant direction and exemplary performance by Sridevi will bring in more bouquets than brickbats.

It goes without saying that Sridevi belongs to the league of extraordinary living legends who are to be preserved like a rare ‘Kohinoor’ in the sea of mediocrity. In the span of 130 minutes, one gets to see the myriad range of emotions and moods of the stellar actor. Least to say that the ‘Break-down scene’ in simply exhausting and gut churning of all. We can’t wait to see more of Sri for sure.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui is our harmless detective “DK”, operating out of a ramshackled Paharganj office. As usual, his quirkiness makes him extraordinary in an ordinary role. “Bholenath ki kasam”, he stands out in the crowd.

Sridevi’s MOM is a must watch that brings forth the issue of women safety
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Akshay Khanna has got his mojo back. His crime branch officer is a tough cookie with tons of internal and external aggression. He definitely leaves a strong impact in a small role.

Welcome out of the woods, dear ????.

Sridevi’s daughter, played by a newbie, Sajal Ali, has got oodles of talent and deserves full marks in her debut performance.

In the end, message is very clear. Mess with Indian Mom at your own risk or else get ready to be slayed down by Maa Durga and Maa Kaali put together.

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