“They say I sleep around with foreigners, men, and my co-actresses”, SRK talks boldly about the rumors

Shah Rukh Khan at book launch
Source: indianexpress.com

Controversies and rumors are associated with almost every Bollywood artist. And when it comes to SRK, the numbers of the rumors don’t get any less.

Each day one rumor or the other is written under the name of Shah Rukh Khan. But only a few of them gets him to talk about it. SRK has been associated with many co-actresses by various gossip magazines but hardly any allegations evoke his reactions.

In his interview with the Cosmopolitan magazine, the Badshah of Bollywood answered the bold questions that were asked to him. SRK told the magazine that he has been around in the industry for 20 years. And while working around with some of the most beautiful actresses in the world, there have been enough stories that he sleeps around with foreigners, men, and his co-actresses. He also added that such rumors never affected him and Gauri, as she probably knows that he doesn’t have the time to do anything but work.

SRK Shah Rukh Khan at book launch
Source: India18

Talking further about his relationship with his wife, he also said,

“We’ve never thought the same about films, about life and we’ve never tried to change that about each other. The only thing we are completely aligned in thoughts about are the kids.”

He later on talked about the women being the most gentle and intelligent creatures and there’s no life without them.

Shah Rukh Khan will be starring with Alia Bhatt in the movie Dear ZindagiMovie is supposed to be in the theaters this November. This directorial debut of Gauri Shinde might have troubles with the on-going ban of Pakistani actors in Bollywood, as the movie also stars the Pakistani actor, Ali Zafar.


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