Taylor Swift says her ass was grabbed in a sneaky act by DJ

Taylor Swift says her ass was grabbed in a sneaky act by DJ

‘My bare ass was groped by the DJ of a Denver radio station’, an assertive Taylor Swift testified in an American court.

This incident happened in 2013 when she and David Mueller posed together for a photo op in Denver, Colorado.


After Swift leveled the first allegations, Mueller was fired from his job by the radio station, KYOGO.

In 2015, the fired jockey sued Taylor Swift for the financial and reputation loss incurred because of her accusation. In response, she hit back at him and filed a counter suit against him with allegations of battery and assault.

Taylor Swift
In 2014, Taylor Swift had banned Apple from playing her songs. Image- Geekwire

Taylor Swift stand

The ‘Love Story’ star repeated her charges in the court in the Denver court a few days back. She also said that Mueller had evaded his responsibility and was solely responsible for all his troubles. Mueller has been out of work since that incident, his industry has shunned him.

‘I am being blamed for the unfortunate events in his life which are a product of his decisions,”

said the American country music star as the jury listened attentively.

There are six women and two men on the jury.

‘He was drunk’

Taylor Swift also charged that the DJ and his girlfriend were both drunk at the time of his ‘groping’. ┬áBoth the girlfriend and Mueller denied the charges. They said that they did not drink any alcohol before the photo op.

Swift believes in her allegations because both of them were speaking loudly at that time.

Why is the skirt not up?

Even though Swift is quite young, she faced the defense lawyer quite admirably. She stood her ground and refused to be intimated by the questions of Mueller’s lawyer.

At one point, his lawyer showed Swift the photo of the alleged incident and wondered why the skirt is not up in the front? Not to be outdone, Swift shot back saying, ‘because my ass is located at the front, not the back!’. This was a cheeky response which left the audience in the courtroom twittering.

Taylor Swift groping
Swift and Mueller in the Denver meet- and-greet show. Creds- TMZ

The singer said that it was a sneaky act as the only thing that was behind her body was a wall, so nobody could see the groping. Was she suggesting that the DJ chose that place for groping so that nobody could see the act?

”He did not touch my hand. He did not touch my rib. He grabbed my ass, ”

Taylor Swift testified in the court.

She also said that she felt distinctly uncomfortable with the act. This statement was in response to Mueller’s statement that he might have touched her inadvertently.

You looked normal

Mueller’s lawyer, meanwhile, accused that the singer was lying because she looked normal in the photo that shows her and Mueller. He also wondered why she did not go public with her accusations then and there.

Swift shot back saying that she did not want to spoil the party by going public with her accusations as long as the guests were there.

Mueller’s lawyer then tried to force her staff to admit that they hadn’t seen the groping.

One of her employees, Stephanie Simbeck, in fact, agreed with the lawyer that she may not have seen the incident.

But, Simbeck argued, the reaction of Swift during the photo- op with Mueller clearly showed she was uncomfortable. In the said photo, Taylor is trying to go away from the DJ. Simbeck also said that she has taken more than 20, 000 photographs of her boss and none of them has shown Swift’s behavior as this one.

After the event, when Taylor told Stephanie of the groping, the latter immediately showed her the Mueller photo. “Yes, it was him,” she confided to Simbeck.

You are an alpha

Outside the courtroom, fans gathered in hundreds to show Taylor Swift that they loved him.

Her mother, Andrea, was too shocked when Taylor told her about the groping. Andrea Swift, who testified a few days back, has decided to make this incident an issue among the public at large.

Joining many others was Ed Lee, a Seattle resident, who has brought her 10-year old daughter to Denver. He hopes that his kid will grow up to be an alpha who can draw claws when she needs to.

The Taylor Swift trial will go on for 9 days and it sure is going to get a lot of people hooked on to it.

In India, unfortunately, such trials last for several years and finally result in many accused walk away, free.

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