Thank you Dear Zindagi – An Open Letter

Dear Dear Zindagi Team,
Dazzling Alia Bhatt,
King of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan Sir,
Amazing Gauri Shinde.

We are writing this open letter not to praise the one-man show presented by Alia Bhatt in the movie; or how Shinde ma’am yet again shook us out of stupor and made us independent, but this time emotionally.

We are not here to say how Shah Rukh sir as DD (dimaag ka doctor) stole our hearts with the perfect portrayal of psychiatrist.

Rather, we are here to express our gratitude for catering us with a movie like Dear Zindagi.

Thank you Dear Zindagi - An Open Letter
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Shah Rukh Sir when circumrotated around one point just to explicate how beautiful life is, how one need to embrace life with its ups and downs and how life goes about, some might have missed that regular dose of masala and drama, but we were captured by this only. It was true catharsis. That is how a psychologist triggers us and reiterates the same thing to ingrain it in our minds.

Thank you Shah Rukh Sir for being an honest portrayal of DD.

An actor, whose acting skills have always been under the radar, has now proved her steel with this, along with previous movies like, Highway and Udta Punjab.

Alia Bhatt who might have been trolled on social media just because of her one reply on Koffee with Karan, now I dare all to appreciate her for her acting skills.

Thank you Dear Zindagi - An Open Letter
Image Source: Instagram

Agreed,Gauri Shinde’s script is the reason for everyone’s scintillating performance. However, we simply cannot deny the way this 23-year old lady delivered a heart-winning performance as someone with disturbed life story.

But doesn’t each of us have some fears, some inhibitions…

Now, coming to the movie script of Gauri ma’am, then I would say it is a real competitor to her previous venture, English Vinglish.

Thank you Dear Zindagi - An Open Letter
Image Source: Instagram

One thing we are sure about that this independent lady is on a roll to make everyone independent and be happy. She is not looking for that outward happiness or those façade we put up. Even Alia Bhatt puts up a real show when she eats up a green chilli just to show her friend that chili is the reason for tears. However, the same Alia cries like a baby in front of Shah Rukh Khan.

Ma’am, in this movie might have chosen someone who had troubled childhood; it might be an extreme case. But this is also true that it stands true to the cathartic effect. The movie simply purged us out of latent emotions and we are thankful for that.

More than anything, it gave us hope… A bigger thank you for that.

After Pink, which simply firmly stated the unsaid truth, Dear Zindagi actually made us embrace the life. It gave us a new outlook of not dragging the chained life, but breaking those shackles and walk leisurely.

Thank you Dear Zindagi - An Open Letter
Image Source: Instagram

Lots of best wishes for upcoming venture. Heartiest thank you for this one.

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