Tisca Chopra’s Chutney- A fare of assorted condiments

Tisca Chopra, who marked her screen presence in Platform with Ajay Devgn is set to make her comeback in a new avatar. Actors never  bid goodbye in Bollywood and just as her fans were beginning to write her off , she has announced her re-entry on the silver screen.

Tisca Chopra's Chutney- A fare of assorted condiments
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Tisca Chopra had shot into fame in 2015 when she had gone to town about the infamous “casting couch ” practice of Bollywood. After she went public with her revelations that were never proven, Tisca Chopra had acquired the image of an unconventional actor.

This November, Tisca reveals her creative self with the launch of  Chutney , her first  home production and directed by Jyothi Kapur Das. Chutney is all about dark humour. Chutney is also an extremely short movie. Its duration is just 10 minutes. The film promises to be an edge-of the seat thriller. However, fans are not sure whether 10 minutes would be a good time for the tension to build up.

Watch this teaser of the Chutney video

Tisca Chopra, who had famously wished Johnny Depp to be her 4 A.M. friend, is quite upbeat about her maiden venture, though. “You will be lusting for more, ” tweeted the Tare Zameen Par star to her fans recently.

Starring Adil Hussain (The Reluctant Fundamentalist) , Rasika Chopra and Tisca Chopra herself, the film is in the genre of Breaking Bad  and Fargo and would find resonance with the fans of Roald Dahl and Edgar Allen Poe.

Chutney releases in the third  week of November  this year.


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