Toilet Ek Prem Katha Review : Akshay & Bhumi rocks in hilarious comedy

Whoever thought that a love story could be woven around a ‘commode’!! Let us give the due credit to the ‘constipated’ gang of PIKU for starting this trend of ‘Pot(ty) boilers’ ????????. Are we lapping it up? Yes, because, in secret, we all have loved toilet humour ????.

Toilet Ek Prem Katha Review : Akshay & Bhumi rocks in hilarious comedy
Source :  Koimoi

Toilet Ek Prem Katha – A brave attempt

Jokes aside, but Akshay & team should be lauded for taking up the cudgels against the open defecation menace which has turned into a single most serious threat to the health and sanitation progress in rural India.

No, the film is not an extension to ‘Swach Bharat Abhiyaan’ nor is it anything like a drab ‘Doordarshan documentary’. It is simply a quintessentially ‘Akshay Kumar film’.

Simple, straight-jacketed, low IQ, honest entertainment ( I call it edutainment). Though making sure that the message sent out is loud and clear to every country bumpkin before he takes that aim at the opposite wall. Well done!!

More power to the socially relevant cinema

Self proclaimed torch bearer of social causes, Akshay Kumar now wants to change your potty habits and drill the importance of having an in-house toilet in 21st century.

No more round table conferences during morning open potty party.

No more inhuman treatment to be meted out to the women folk under the guise of religion or traditions.

And finally, a gentle nudge to our government to walk the last mile for providing the sewage lines and septic tanks.

So bear with him and his screaming in our ears in a crude manner, “ Biwi chahiye toh sandas banayiye”, “ Toilet hai toh Biwi hai”.

I swear, this overdose of ‘Toilet jargon’ is already making me constipated ☹.

But trust the messiah of common man, Akshay Kumar and Bhumi Pednekar to enliven and galvanise the otherwise dull subject with ample doses of humour and satire. Supporting cast has the equal share in the pie, namely, Sudhir Pandey and Anupam kher.

Newbie director, Shree Narayan Singh trudges confidently in this low-budget quickie that will surely earn a tax free tag and a ‘CV’(compulsory viewing) censor certificate (may be a new category floated by our very own, over zealous Pahalaj Nihalani ???? ????)

The plot

Toilet Ek Prem Katha opens to a desperate, Akshay Kumar, eager to get married to his lady love, Bhumi. After a customary wooing, dancing and dreaming session, marriage happens in the bylanes of Mathura.

But for Bhumi, the excitement of ‘ Suhaag raat’ is shattered by the early morning cheers and jeers of an all women ‘lota-party’ who are there to welcome her into their morning ablution routine in the open fields.

Enraged at the violation of basic human rights or the lack of it, our educated lass exits from Akshay’s life till he gets an in-house toilet.

Toilet Ek Prem Katha Review : Akshay & Bhumi rocks in hillarious comedy
Source : Koimoi

Crestfallen hero follows the journey of innumerable chakkers to sarkari kacheris and sarkari naukars before he builds a ‘Toilet-mahal’ for his Mumtaz. But in the mean time, we are thankfully spared from now discomforting ‘shitty details’.

City breeds like us, may not really relate to the genuine problem; the habit of open defecation. But the man with the Midas touch, AK, smells the box-office opportunity in this dirt pool. Though we won’t grudge him if he and his fans give a helping hand to this mass movement of ‘Swach Bharat’.

The cast

Here too, Akshay Kumar slips into the character of a country bumpkin, Kishen with a relative ease. Getting a hang of small town mannerisms or a street smart attitude with a village dialect is turning out to be a child’s play for Akshay Kumar. Don’t miss his hilarious one-to-one with brother, Divyundo ????.

His penchant for addressing the problems of Aam Janata in a melodramatic way will find enough takers.

A second film after critically acclaimed ’ DUM LAGA KE HAIYYA’, Bhumi Pednekar is asking to be stereotyped as a ‘Desi-behna’ of a small town in a no-make up look. But she shines as a non-glamorous, no-nonsense girl with a fire in the belly who goes all-out to change the rural landscape.

Music is refreshingly melodious with a folksy touch and is already climbing up the charts with ‘Hans mat pagli’ and ‘ Bakheda‘.

Final verdict

If you are a game for some over the top dialogoue-baazi, more-than-mellow naare- baazi and some intense gazing at the commode, than TOILET EK PREM KATHA will give enough cheer to our sulking viewers who have no holiday plans for this extended weekend.

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