Top 10 TV shows that never lost their touch

With so many TV shows floating around us these days, it’s often very comforting to get into bed and watch one of our all-time favorite Top 10 TV Shows and binge the entire thing. So let’s take a stroll down the Nostalgic street and take a peek into some of the greatest of all times. We apologize beforehand if one or more of your favorite shows didn’t make it to the list (many of ours didn’t either). So, in no particular order or ranking, here are our Top 10 TV Shows!

1. Game of Thrones

Top 10 TV shows that never lost their touch
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The show is based on a fantasy novel series by George R.R.Martin. Game of Thrones. GOT shows probably one of the best power struggles that results in the fate of the Land of Westeros. The show is filled with violence, deception and a huge army of characters that you’ll either love or hate. Even if you aren’t a big fan of fantasy, the action and drama will keep you hooked. The show has everything from grand sets to phenomenal actors and awesome cinematography.

2. The Simpsons

Top 10 TV shows that never lost their touch
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The Simpsons was one of the first animated sitcom that changed the history of sitcoms forever. It’s a blend of great writing and satire on the social aspect of life proving that animated shows can be for adults too. The Simpsons dealt with real life issues and consisted of an extremely dysfunctional family that had the right amount of quirkiness and sweetness that made one want to never stop watching the show.

3. Friends

Top 10 TV shows that never lost their touch
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“Joey Doesn’t Share Food!!” “They Don’t Know That We Know That They Know”. “We were On a Break!!”. If these sentences bring an automatic smile to your face, you know you are a solid Friends Fan! It is beyond doubt the funniest sitcom ever. Each of the characters is loved and cherished by all. It’s impossible to have a favourite in friends. The show revolves around the day to day lives of 6 friends with a quality of their own. Together they form a group of dysfunctional friends that bring out the best in each other.

4. The Big Bang Theory

Top 10 TV shows that never lost their touch
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The Big Bang Theory has massive ratings and a devoted audience who will always watch it. It has from time to time received some critical remarks but it has also led Jim Parsons a.k.a Sheldon to win various Emmys for his performance. The show has science, humor, nerds and a great storyline. All elements of a show that is worth watching. From soft kitty to the often-heard but never seen Mrs. Wolowitz, it is those little nuances that make this show special and one you always want to re-watch.

5. Grey’s Anatomy

Top 10 TV shows that never lost their touch
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Grey’s Anatomy is a hospital-set dramedy that follows the lives of five interns who, over the course of the series, become full-fledged surgeons as they adjust to their new surroundings at Seattle Grace Hospital. The show’s writers have clearly shown us that they are okay with bizarre plotlines involving ghost sex, or a crazy man walking around with a bomb inside his body. Aside from the soapy, sexual overtones, what has so many people hooked on to it is the complexity of its characters. So while Meredith is beautiful and smart, she’s also remarkably flawed, as the series goes on, her story only deepens. The same can be said for other ensemble members.

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6. Breaking Bad

Top 10 TV shows that never lost their touch
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Breaking Bad is an American neo-western crime drama television series created and produced by Vince Gilligan, falling under the genre of Thrillers and Black comedies. The story revolves around the life of an extremely overqualified high school chemistry teacher, Walter Heartwell White. A seasoned chemist, very intelligent and a humble pushover who is forced to keep his tame because of his familial and financial restraints. The lung cancer diagnosis is introduced in the story as the last straw and an amazing plot point.

7. How I Met Your Mother

Top 10 TV shows that never lost their touch - How I met your mother
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I’ve been delighted by the initial couple of scenes of this post “Friends” satire. It truly catches a portion of the diverting yet clumsy circumstances that late 20-year-olds are ending up in nowadays. Lilly presents her clever, peculiar feeling of style and silliness. Alongside her sweetheart, Marshall, they are a magnificent portrayal of the couple who are endeavouring. The lead character, Ted, gives incredible stimulation. He’s not edgy to get hitched, but rather simply prepared to locate the One.

8. Will and Grace

Top 10 TV shows that never lost their touch
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Will & Grace remains a pivotal show for gay culture and the presentation of gay characters on a sitcom, the most successful show of its time to feature gay lead characters in anything but the “wacky best friend” role. The narratives weren’t generally anything you hadn’t seen previously, rotating around life and love in New York City, however the spots they were originating from (gay culture/Jewish culture) were refreshingly new to a lot increasingly preservationist Americans.

9. The Office (US Version)

Top 10 TV shows that never lost their touch
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The office (US) is a documentary type or a footage shot sit-com. it basically means that the actors are aware of the camera and they acknowledge its presence .this format is often referred to as “observational cinema”. The unique thing about such a format of narration is that the show does not feel scripted at all. What makes the office stand out is that its dead-pan humour comes across really well.

10. Family Guy

Top 10 TV shows that never lost their touch
Image Source: CityTV

The show made Seth MacFarlane a household name, and sadly, the one it appears he’ll never top. MacFarlane made a family that is anything but difficult to identify with regardless of the way that it incorporates a talking hound (dog) and a mysteriously British, murderous newborn child. Put together the characters’ erraticisms with jokes that won’t quit and you have a standout amongst the most imperative animated shows on the screen.

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