Top 6 Scariest & Sexiest Movies To Watch This Halloween

With much gusto and enthusiasm the day especially dedicated to the dead people, the much awaited – Halloween festival is around us. People across the world celebrate Halloween in their own customs and rituals to show our love and affection towards them.

However, the fun part of the fiesta is thronging to clubs and dance pubs on Halloween day. You simply can’t separate the festival from the never-ending parties. Some prefer to don masks and scare their buddies using those masks, while some prefer to stay mum on the day and going to burial grounds to pay homage to their lost ones.

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But how about having a Halloween party in our own style. Why not try something different this year? Let’s delve deep into the world of dark romance, sex and fear. Yes, here are the handpicked top 6 sexiest and scariest movies that you can enjoy this Halloween. They are sure to blow your mind out!!

Sexy Horror Movies To Watch This Halloween

1) Swamp Thing (1982):

In the late 1970s and 80s, Hollywood actress Adrienne Barbeau used to spice up the horror movies. She never inhibited from exposing herself fully, if the script demanded. If it was her beauty that made Swamp Thing so popular than you would be even more surprised with the astute direction of the movie by Wes Craven.

2) The Hunger (1983): Actress Catherine Deneuve did an astonishing job in the film almost owning the film. Her role as a lesbian vampire with a touch of oomph – made the film directed by Tony Scott highly engrossing. Things turned dirty and of course blood thirsty when Catherine, Susan and David Bowie found themselves in the trap of an eerie love triangle.

3) House of 1000 Corpses (2003): Directed by Rob Zombie, the plot revolves around four adventurous people’s quest for a tree in which Dr. Satan was hanged. They met a young girl, Baby firefly and moved to her house. Since then, their life changed forever. The gorgeous Baby firefly will surely astound your mind by her beauty and petite figure.

4) Cemetery Man (1994): Directed by Michele Soavi, it is one of the scariest horror movies to watch on Halloween day. The movie features untamed hot scenes between Rupert Everett and Anna Falchi, it is sure to keep your adrenaline rushed speedily inside your veins. Rupert’s hobby on afterlife and subsequent intimate relation with Anna gave a sexier twist to the film.

5) Daughters of Darkness (1971): Adopted from a German erotic script, this is a sexy vampire thriller. What happened inside a grand seaside hotel will send chills down your spine. A couple going for a honeymoon encountered something mysterious which drastically changed their life. Must watch movie to know the full secret concerning the hotel.

6) Swimming Pool (2003): If you want scary stuff this Halloween, then don’t miss this film. Charlotte Rampling and Ludivine Sagnier gave a stellar performance in the movie with unexplored love, lust and thrills. The plot of the movie revolves around an unusual love triangle between Sarah (writer), Julie (a publisher’s daughter) and Franck (local waiter). One night these three get involved physically with each other – and everything changed from thereafter.

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