TUBELIGHT : Salman Khan is here to melt your heart once again

Anyone for BAJRANGI BHAIJAAN- 2 ? Well, one won’t be blamed for searching similarities in TUBELIGHT. With powerful actor-director jodi at the helm, TUBELIGHT opens to gargantuan public expectation.

It is a known fact that a film cannot change the society. But movies like Tubelight definitely has the power to impact the human mind. If you believe than celebrate
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Kabir Khan, a director par excellence has always made politically correct films. Films which are diplomatic enough to dodge the sensitive topic. But powerful enough to send the right message across the society.

If BAJRANGI BHAIJAAN preached “Love can conquer boundaries”; than “Faith can move mountains” is the take-home mantra of TUBELIGHT.

Officially a remake of Hollywood film, LITTLE BOY(2015); TUBELIGHT is a light-at-heart and happiness-overloaded film.

Movie cracks you up with clean humour and melts your heart with equally tragic innocence.

By the way, the word TUBELIGHT simply explains the general mental condition of Salman Khan. Sometimes lighted, sometimes completely off.

When its ‘ignited’, he turns impossible things into possible. And at other times, he simply laughs heartily and cries hysterically.

Angel at heart, Laxman Bisht is not a child, but not quite man either. His soulmate, his savior, his life is his younger brother Sohail Khan.

Tubelight : The Story

Sohail is about to join Indian Army to wage a war against China. It is circa 1962 but nothing seems or feels like 1960’s. Surroundings look contemporary while characters appear pretty modern.

Bharat aka Sohail is untraceable, presumed dead after the war. Will Laxman’s boundless faith and unwavering spirit pull his brother from the jaws of death? Will his super-power, result of immense faith in his belief, get him what he wants ?

I leave it for you to find out yourself ????.

However unbelievable may be the screen play; Salman’s child play, his joy at relishing simple things in life, his naivety in the ruthless world and his unending ‘HOPE’ against all odds; compels us to shed a tear or two in solidarity.

It is a known fact that a film cannot change the society. But movies like Tubelight definitely has the power to impact the human mind. If you believe than celebrate
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Thankfully, the real-life bromance aka monkey-business between the real brothers is kept under tight control. Only wish that the brothers-in-arms were fitter and trimmer who actually looked like a pair of ‘over-grown’ boys than svelte soldiers.

Also, why does the film restricts itself by shooting at only three locations; namely town-square, hilltop and a temple; is difficult to digest.

Tubelight – Its only about Salman Khan

Since every minute and frame of the film is filled with larger than life – Salman Khan; an quintessential Bollywood heroine is given a miss.

And frankly we don’t miss her either because Salman sheds enough tears to complete the entire quota of his career.

So we have him flexing his eyes, ears, nose, mouth and cheeks at various angles; while his 8 packs and abs are safely tucked under humble shirt and sweater.

How sweet but to watch Salman getting thrashed at every point is not funny either. But this cute little north Indian kid, Matin Ray Tangu, makes up for the loss.

Like Munni of BAJRANGI BHAIJAAN, he too wins our heart with his button-nose and mischievous smile. In a first, Kabir Khan also makes Chinese actor, Zhu Zhu, dance to Bollywood tunes, complete with thumkas and matkas.

Are you aiming for China territory Smart move ????.

But Chinese mother-son are very much Indian at heart. They are born and brought up in Kolkata during pre-independence days.

Message delivered – “Love knows no boundaries”.

So remember; Hindi-Chini can be Bhai-Bhai, Bhai-Behen, Pati-patni etc etc.

On the plus side, watching lush green valleys and snow peaks of Kashmir are like an eye-spa for tired city souls. DOP (director of photography) must be lauded for taking us one step closer to this heaven-on-earth; eternally beautiful.

Songs are situational while the upbeat background score pumps up our moods and spirits throughout.

It was touching to watch late Om Puri deliver his last shot with complete authority. Heartfelt respect.

Salman Khan actually made our eyes moist with his emotionally-charged, gut-wrenching simpleton act. Can’t say that he came close to FORREST GUMP or KOI MIL GAYA.  But, hey; we do need a break from this bhola-bhala-nanha-pyaara-baccha routine.

However Salman’s countless fans will savour his every act like god-in-action. So no worries.

Zeeshan Ayub, Salman’s bully is a perfect-cast. Sohail Khan, understandably limits himself to few minutes in the beginning and at the end. Thank you. Rest of the sundry characters over-act in already over-crowded surroundings.

But I must mention about a smashing cameo by none other than Shah Rukh Khan, in his formidable intimate style. Loud cheers please.

It is a known fact that a film cannot change the society. But movies like Tubelight definitely has the power to impact the human mind. If you believe than celebrate this.

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