URI: The Surgical Strike is not an election-gimmickis

I know, I am a late entrant. But after watching Uri: The Surgical Strike, I couldn’t resist myself from writing this blog.

“How’s the josh?” thunders Major Vihaan Singh Shergill.

“ High, Sir,” answer his men in olives.

Which josh is, Vicky Kaushal, the lead protagonist of war-drama URI, talking about?

URI: The Surgical Strike is not an election-gimmickis
Image Source : TOI

In military language, it is called raw courage. Courage to look into the eyes of death. Courage to jump into that deep abyss without being worried about consequences. Courage to not give up till last man and last drop of blood !!

Off the war field, can’t we just imbibe same courage to win the war of life!!

Staying alone in challenging and remotest geographical areas for prolonged periods, missing out on normal family unions and ready to lay down life for beloved motherland without expecting to be applauded for the very acts of bravery make every Army Officer and his soldier very special.

Uri isn’t an election propaganda

Yet, the selective pseudo intellectuals and their cronies may deride URI as an election propaganda. They may question its more than opportune ‘timing of release’ too. But credit has to be given where it is due.

For once, Indian government did decide to do away with ‘taken-for-granted-Big Brother’ tag. Going beyond domestic communal arguments, fake promises, ‘samjhota’ invitations and ‘Aman & Asha’ dialogues, India decided to uphold the dignity of a soldier and pride of the nation. And therefore India ordered for a bold and brave surgical strike on the terror camps situated in POK within 10 days of losing precious lives of Indian soldiers in a ghastly terror attack that was triggered without any immediate provocation.

Rest they say is a history because orders were followed. Bullets were showered. Enemy bunkers were busted. And Indian Special Forces Commandos returned to their bases without a single casualty.

Playing hide & seek with death may be part and parcel of any Army man’s job but it should be our conscious effort to applaud these brave hearts at every opportunity and every occasion.

It is a sincere wish that more films are made on Army heroics because our defence forces should not be just worshipped on 26th January and 15th August but should be respected through out for their unconditional and unwavering services towards country and countrymen.

Jai Hind.

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