Is Vir Das Playing Pakistani In Shivaay?

Ajay Devgn’s ‘Shivaay’ trailer has already created a huge appreciation from fans. Everyone is impatiently waiting for the film, which is set to be released on 28th October this year.

However, some of the details of the movie have been leaked beforehand. The most recent news is related to ‘Vir Das’ co-actor in the film.

Source: International Business Times

Sources say that Shivaay is the story of a mountaineer (Ajay Devgan) and 5 powerful villains. The movie also features (currently unknown characters) portrayed by Sayehsa Sehgal, Vir Das and newcomers Ali Kazmi, Erika Kaar (Olga), along with others.

According to Vir Das, “‘Shivaay,’ action will be a visual treat for everyone”.

He said that he was surprised when Ajay offered him the role. Having played varying roles in previous movies like Delhi Belly & Revolver Rani, Vir reveals that his character is of a Pakistani Hacker. “It’s not a negative role”, he said, and also added that he can’t disclose further details of the movie.

Source: International Business Times

These details do not describe the whole movie plot clearly, but a vague idea that can be formulated.

With an amazing poster and a thrilling trailer, ‘Shivaay’ has stirred up a hype, and hopefully, the movie would live up to it.

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