5 themed party ideas for your New Year party

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It’s time for New Years celebration. Terrace parties, lawn parties all these are in your party list, but do you really enjoy it? Terrace parties are not the best bet if you want to spend quality time on New Year’s with family and friends.

Planning your own New Year’s party would give you that required time with near and dear one’s to wrap up 2015 with some best memories to cherish with and step towards 2016.

Hectic you may think having New Years party, but trust me you would cherish this more than your regular New Year party.

The tip is plan and organise for this party in advance. Like decide on the theme, decor, food, drinks and entertainment at least a week or two before. You can finish with the required shopping and stocking food and beverages a few days prior to the party. This will help you assemble your theme easily before 31st.

Now that we have discussed how to arrange that perfect New Year party at home. Let me give you some new party ideas that would help you plan your party better.


New year theme party

Celebrate the New Year in style with New Year’s Theme Party supplies and decorations .Try a convenient party pack to get your home party-ready in no time. Include some kit that contains festive New Year’s party items, from party hats and noise makers to confetti, tiaras and leis. And add some party packs that give a great variety of New Year’s bulk party supplies in combination for 25 on up to 100 guests.


Light camera action theme party

Serve up some Hollywood glamour as you celebrate the New Year with this Light! Camera! Action-themed party idea. Inspire your guests to come dressed to the red-carpet-worthy gowns for the women and classic tuxes for the men. A cocktail-party setup works well for this theme, as it allows guests to mingle while they sip on drinks and munch on appetizers. For your décor, use accents in Hollywood colours like black, red and gold. Wow your guests by adding Take 1 Clapboard Supershape Balloon to your front entryway and place lit candles around the party setting to create a romantic mood.

3. Masquerade

Masquerade theme party

Bring out the masks and celebrate the New Year with a masquerade ball. Adorn your home with Mardi Gras Masquerade Standard Foil Balloons, Sequin Masks 6ct Bachelorette Party Prop and many more. And let’s not forget the most important element: the Mardi Gras Masks. Encourage your guests to come dressed the part and remind them that over-the-top Mardi Grass Masks and elaborate costumes are welcome. Create an extravagant menu made of simple foods. Set the atmosphere by serving champagne cocktails as your guests arrive.

4. Farmhouse party

Farmhouse theme party

If you own a farmhouse somewhere in the outer circle of the city or have a friend who owns one, then you could make this your New Year party venue. Arrange for a common transport like a cab or a mini bus to reach this place. This would give you more time to spend with your guests and your dear ones while you travel to the location. Keep the decor rustic. You could ask your guests be dressed as their superheroes. It would be interesting to see them in different attire. Arrange for a projector, party songs food, drinks some fireworks and sky lanterns. At the hit of 12 you can have fireworks and release these sky lanterns and enjoy your new year with your friends away from the city hustle and bustle.

5. The Couch Potato Party

The Couch Potato theme party

This party is for those who are the careless people out there. Not much is required to be done in this party. This theme as said is for the lazy and tired hosts and guests. It is more towards the straightforward party. All you require for this theme is a couch sufficient to accommodate all your guests, starters, popcorn, chips, wine and other alcohol and good collection of movie.

Let your guests be cosy. Let them be free enough to be dressed in their pyjama’s to attend your lazy party.

This is more of a flexible party and you would enjoy being relaxed with your friends.

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