Time for yet another Monday, but let’s rock it all the more…

Its yet another Monday. Each Monday the same old feeling sinks in- drag on. Damn! The weekend is over. Carry on, just 5 more days to go.

However, how could you forget that you worked hard to reach here?

Agreed! You follow a monotonous routine, and Monday is nothing but its reminder. But is giving up the only solution you look forward to?

Dan Millman aptly said,

“A warrior does not give up what he loves, he finds the love in what he does.”

Giving up is the easiest option you have, but did you worked hard just to give up?

Beat those Monday blues…

Time for yet another Monday, but let's rock it all the more...
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Think of the time when you were zealous to take on this responsibility and carry forward this work. Nevertheless, what has happened now?

Look back and reflect

You will realize why the enthusiasm to do the work and achieve this status has all boiled down to zero. But more than that, you will understand why exactly you started working on this. 

Looking back will take you forward

Almost everyone says that looking back takes you down. However, I say, look back and it will accelerate your progress. Once you look back and see all the miseries you underwent just to achieve this. You will definitely move forward. In addition to that, when you think over why you started, the goal with which you started becomes clearer. This makes you more determined to hit the bull’s eye.

Post it to achieve it

This is the best way to achieve anything. Write down what you want to achieve in clear and bold handwriting. Post it where you can look and read it regularly.

Keep some negativity in you

I know this might sound insane, but it is true. The negatives will keep you rooted yet push you harder towards the aim. However, the negativity should be like salt in the food. Do not over do it or you will spoil it.

Shed away the time-wasters

It is extremely important to do away with people who drag you down. Nobody is asking you to do away with your staunch enemies. Why? Reason being you will do anything in your might to prove them wrong. Nevertheless, here we are asking you to let go of people who talk inane things and waste your precious time. It is not the time to get involved in gossiping about others. But, do something that people rot in jealousy and gossip about you. Achieve that status.

Time for yet another Monday, but let's rock it all the more...
Source: www.phoozer.net

Clutter-free = Focused you

Be it your work station, your emails or your mind, keep everything clutter-free. Get in habit of letting go of things. Never let yourself be so porous that it gets hard for you to survive. Steel yourself and know what is important and what you should allow to sink in you. Each minuscule bit of waste distracts you. So let them fly away in thin air so that you can rule the world.

Just understand this thing clearly. It is you who made the work monotonous. But do remember you thrived hard to come here. So why not rock it now… Get on working as if it is your last day. There’s a new Monday every week, make them count. Leave your imprints, and let the world follow you.

And it’s a bright Monday, let brighter you scintillate the world 😉

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