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Top 5 Reasons – Why Its Important To Smile

Have you been feeling gloomy lately? Do you want to just hide yourself where no one can reach you or just wish to get that Harry Potter’s invisible cloak for some time? You feel as if you are getting nowhere in life while people around you seem to be pacing towards all the successes and glitters you desired and life has smacked you hard right across your face.

Well then it’s time to get up my friend because when life pushes you down ninety nine times you get up one hundred times and show them all , who is the boss here!

reasons to smile
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Well, life if full of numerous beautiful and vivid things that we often ignore disregarding them as trivial. While these small things are capable of changing one’s whole outlook.

So let’s take a look at some of these magical colourful candies that are sweet enough to fill our lives with innumerable exquisite flavors and bring a sweet little smile on our faces.

Are you still looking for reasons to smile ? Read ahead!

1. If   you are reading this, that means you are alive. Do you need a better reason to smile?

reasons to smile
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Well as you are able to read this, you certainly are breathing,  capable to see, and also have a source to access this article; which means you are not devoid of money or internet. And hey you know what, there are millions and billions of people out there who have none of these luxuries.

Never forget to express gratitude towards these little things without which our lives wouldn’t have been the same as they are right now. As I like to put it, instead of constantly staring and comparing someone else’s bowl of ice cream with your, bring your eyes back to your own beautiful bowl filled with the toothsome chocolate fudge and cherish it!

2. Smile and let everyone know that today, you are a lot stronger than you were yesterday

reasons to smile
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Smile, it intimidates those who wish to destroy you. Break your enemies with that heart melting smile of yours.

A face with a beautiful smile showcases confidence and warmth. So let your face shine in the bright sunlight and let the world know that you are ready to take every damn challenge that life throws at you, head on!

3. Smile because it looks beautiful on your face

reasons to smile
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Numerous studies have found that a smile plays an important part in psychological attractiveness stereotypes.

Furthermore , psychological research has shown that attractive people are perceived as more successful, intelligent and friendly.

So don’t you want people to get attracted to you? If yes, then put on that smile.

4. What goes around also comes around

reasons to smile
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Also , It’s known that when you are smiling, it is difficult not to be positive. Just give a thought to it.

If given a choice between a person with a stern face and another with a mild smile resting on his face, who would you chose?

Of course everyone likes to see happy faces. Don’t you? So just smile and people around you will smile as well and you’ll be the source of happiness.

5. Smiling just feels good

reasons to smile
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Psychologists have found that, if you grin for 60 seconds, no matter how fake or forced it feels, it releases serotonin which tricks the body into making you feel happy. So next time you feel gloomy, try this trick out.

Well, life is short.  So smile while you still have teeth!

Life is never easy for anyone nor is it worthless enough to lose hope and enthusiasm for it. It’s a roller coaster where you have to experience both ups and downs. Without these ups and downs, it would be as lame as those chocolate ice creams without even a single chocochip in it. Can you imagine?

Life is full of glitter, you just need to follow the sparkling trail to find the magic pot of happiness. And never stop looking at life with a positive attitude.

Because, it’s fun and what else would you do anyway!

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