Why Its Important To Look For Positivity In Negativity, And How?

Why Its Important To Look For Positivity In Negativity, And How?

It’s easy to fall, but it takes an effort to rise.

Each of us has faced hard times, even for a toddler grasping mother’s attention is a big issue. So it’s not something great that we are facing.

For some of us who have never seen any major fall in life, few dips can be a major thing. While for someone who has been living with failures closely, it just takes one domino and you fall.

Why Its Important To Look For Positivity In Negativity, And How?
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But have you ever realized it’s not easy for us to rise in those difficult moments? We understand each event either as a challenge or obstacle, but never once as a learning experience. It’s easy for us to fall into the abyss of darkness, but not once we realize that this abyss will lead nowhere rather learning from it, will.

Understand that even a photograph gets developed from negative, but both had the same beautiful moment captured in it. So, the beauty you see once did go through a process.

Why Its Important To Look For Positivity In Negativity, And How?
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A pinch of negativity can move you miles, but a dollop of it will take you down.

So let’s see how to stick with that pinch of negativity to stretch you to limits.

  • There’s an idiom which says, “An idle mind’s a devil’s workshop”. So just keep yourself occupied with work, but don’t drown in it as well.
  • Negative thoughts are part and parcel of life, so accept their presence. However, as negativity feeds on fear. So once you embrace them, you will see that negativity itself will become your ladder to your success. Each negation will then become your driving force.
  • Wayne W. Dyer was correct in saying that,

“No one can create negativity or stress within you. Only you can do that by the virtue of how you process your world.”

So just understand that a ship doesn’t sink till it lets water in. So just float on water, be friends with water yet stay above.

  • Understand that you cannot put two negatives together to make it positive, rather cross it to move up. At times, to deal with negativity one takes on the path of alcoholism, drugs, smoking and even certain other addictions. But these negatives will not help; rather will drag you deep down the labyrinth. So to kick the butt of negativity, go for yoga, exercise or recreational clubs as it will increase the blood circulation resulting in freshness and will calm you down.
  • Vent out all negativity from you. Pen it down if you want, scream out loud if you need or cry, but never to waste your energy on the same thing ever. Just move on.
  • Your company decides who and how you are. So, if you are persistently being negative, you need to look around and eliminate those negative people, relationships, and their thought processes.

Rhonda Bryne aptly said, “Life is not happening to you; life is responding to you”.

So mend your ways before it’s too late.

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