Why you should look forward to a Monday !

Nestled up in the arms of your couch, after a well spent weekend, are you finding yourself in a tumult of thoughts?

It must be Sunday night and the appalling thought of the next day makes you appear morose already? You’re not alone in this conundrum, there are millions out there trying to figure out a solution. But did you ever realize that the answer lies within you? Introspect and analyze your repulsion against this poor Monday.

You might realize that “Monday blues” may not be more than a mere misnomer.

Why you should look forward to a Monday !
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Here are a few achievable tasks in case you are still bogged down by “Monday blues”. Following them will not help you get rid of it but will equip you to deal with it in a better manner:

  1. Start on a Friday – It is imperative to finish pending tasks, assignments for the current week latest by Friday. Even if it means staying up late at work and saying no to a party, so be it. We don’t realize that a Monday terror is a consequence of our procrastination in the earlier week. So dip your face in those bundle of papers, calls, and meetings, kill it and start afresh the subsequent week.
  2. Disconnect on the weekend – No access to your laptop, Outlook, official calls or even official Whatsapp is of paramount importance. The idea is that by the end of the weekend, you need to feel refreshed and recharged. This sense of satisfaction acts as an important trigger to kick off the next week with a bang. But if you were still fretting about pending work, meant that you never unplugged during the weekend.
  3. Look forward – Be it an important project you have been assigned, or a new technology on which you are laying your hands upon, there’s always something to look forward to in a new week. Align those tasks with your short-term objectives and see where do they take you. Put your hands up and ask for meaningful work if you don’t have it yet, don’t shrug away from the responsibility. Even if you do, remember that it may never shy away from you.
  4. Dress well – There is no substitute to being dressed well at work. This doesn’t mean that you need to wear swanky blazers and cool cufflinks but in short, it means that you need to be presentable. Wear smart formals/casuals, an ironed shirt tucked in neatly in a well-creased trousers and polished shoes. This wouldn’t guarantee a great impression every time but will ensure that you remain confident and it will always impact in the long run.
  5. Go out of the way for someone special – It can be your mother who works tirelessly for you, a colleague who gives you a patient hearing or your girlfriend/boyfriend. Send across a set of lovely flowers, chocolates or anything they have been yearning for and you secretly made a note of it. Let’s not confine a warm gesture to an occasion. And who knows, doing it out of the blue might go a long way in nullifying your perennial Monday blues.
  6. Plan for fun after work – Why should Fridays have all the fun? Plan a dance party in a club, booze with your friends in a bar or munch on your favorite snack post work on a Monday. This will help you look forward to an exciting end to the first day of the week and will act as an impetus for the coming days.

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