Study Revealed – Sex Before the Game is Good For Your Performance

Study Revealed – Sex Before the Game is Good For Your Performance

Whether you have a big game coming up or not, it is always advised that a good workout and practice plan is your best bet to improve your athletic skills. But hitting the gym requires motivation, which is not easy to come up with. and its not too appealing either. Now imagine how incredible it would be if the most fun thing that you can do without your clothes on, can also help you improve your performance? Surely that got your attention.

Yes, indulging in sexual activities before competitions has been advocated as a way to improve performance.

Famous athletes Ronda Rousey (UFC), Joe Namath (Hall of Fame quarterback of New York Jets) confessed to having sex before their upcoming games. However, there are others like Muhammad Ali who would abstain from such indulgences weeks prior to their competitions.

Sex Before the Game is Good For Your Performance
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Those mentioned above were at the top of their game, and regardless of their opinions on pre-game sex, have given remarkable and outstanding performnaces

Then what exactly is the truth behind this conception?

Athletes and their coaches believe that sex before a game zaps all the energy from the body. On the contrary, some studies also suggest that pre-sports sex may actually enhance performance by raising the athlete’s testosterone levels.

So, how exactly does pre-game sex affect you?

Studies conducted by University of Florence in Italy have found no connection between pre-event sex and degradation in athletic performance. It also determined that any such connection that may have been established is purely based upon myths and anecdotal stories. Reputed medical magazines have also disproved the theory that abstinence increases sexual frustration, leading to increased aggression in athletes, and subsequent performance enhancements as a result.

Moreover, it was found that after several weeks of not having sex, male testosterone levels may drop drastically below normal levels.

Sexual activity may even help combat muscle pain and other sports injuries in women. Studies show that sexual indulgence produces endorphin hormones that are natural pain killers.

Sex Before the Game is Good For Your Performance
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Some coaches say that the psychological impacts of lovemaking heavily impacts an athlete’s performance as they may not get enough sleep before competitions. While too much anxiety or aggression can result in poor performance.

On the other hand, if athletes are too stressed or anxious before an event, sex may prove to be a relaxing distraction.

So, what should be inferred from this is that even if science does not support the ‘no sex before games’ myth, it all comes down to the mindset of the athlete. Some athletes follow practices that they believe are lucky for them. If an athlete thinks tying his shoe three times, or wearing their lucky green socks will improve their game, it certainly will. Some even carry lucky charms with them.

Likewise, if any athlete believes that pre game sex may degrade his/her performance, it will most definitely do so. While there is nothing wrong with sex, the whole commotion around it involving partying, dancing, eating and drinking would hinder the good night’s rest that an athlete needs pre-game.

The best way to figure out if such practices will benefit you or not is by experimentation. Science will only go so far in telling you the internal effects it will have, but how you respond to such activities is up to you.

However, a little lovemaking before a game won’t cause a disadvantage for you. So go ahead, experiment! If it benefits you, well and good. But if not, it doesn’t matter. You just enjoyed sex!

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