Smartphone Addiction : Create memories for yourself, not for Facebook

Smartphone Addiction : Create memories for yourself, not for Facebook

Smartphone Addiction : Create memories for yourself, not for Facebook 1
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Kindle, iPad, laptop, notebook, smartphone, this work, that work, or if nothing then Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat… We just do not even need a reason to let screens enter our bedrooms.

Our world now just revolves around those smartphones. We first click pic of the food served or take a selfie, or might capture the beauty in front of us, instead of letting our senses savor the delight firsthand.

With each passing day, each of us is becoming so tech savvy that our love life has taken a toll. Whatever time is left, we are engrossed in our work- more like struck to it. So is it everything over and above love life?

Today who liked which pic on Facebook or Instagram is the sole thing on our minds. Obviously apart from maniac of workplace, we find solace behind the screens. There was a time when we found haven in the lap of our loved ones, or by talking to them, today it is replaced by smartphones.

The presence of our ultimate love, our smartphone is degrading the status of the physical beloved who might be lying just few centimetres away. This entire scenario might seem okay at present moment but in long run, it will turn into unbridgeable gulf. The presence of screens in your boudoir itself can ruin any harmonious relationship. 

Let alone the fact that you are reading a book on Kindle, or completing some important assignment on your laptop but what you are perpetrating on your partner is harm through screen.

Maybe it might be exaggeration, but is it not smartphone violence?

What is with this smartphone obsession
Image Source : Pixabay

When are we actually going to listen or attend our partner, instead of merely nodding while scrolling through the screen. Or when will you turn that phone off and sit with your partner to maybe just talk about how did the day go, or asking something as simple as how are they?

Where have we lost those basic relationship etiquttes? Where have courtesty of gentlemen evaporated? We have become so complacent that now couples are asking each other not bring phones to bedroom.  The same couple didn’t let each other observe fast for Karwachauth, rather spend time with each other. Can you actually visualise the gap that we constantly ignore in these two small things?

Do you realise what exactly is going wrong? How have we become slaves to technology to such an extent? Where has that love evaporated? Actually answer to last one is “BEHIND THE SCREEN”. 

For once, turn that phone off maybe an hour before going to the bed. Spend that time with your partner, with family. For some time, you might feel something is lacking but then you will enjoy that emptiness. 

Move away from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and celebrate this New Year maybe with family entirely.  Not by clicking selfies and looking for that perfect upload. Create memories for yourself, not for Facebook.  

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