Valentine Day Special – Love Kissed Air

Valentine Day Special Love Kissed  Air

Another Valentine Week unfolded
Hearts filled with freshness and fragrance of rose.
Rose being transacted,
Each colour of rose imparting new meaning to your precious relationship.
A proposal of blissful relationship with its new meaning being made,
And acceptance of chocolate sweetly consenting this union-
This Newly blossomed relationship
Is like cuddly teddy…
Treasure it.
Nestle into it.
Enclose it.
Fight, to love more.
Promise not to let go till your last breath.
Seal the oath with solemnized kiss of transcendental love.
Hold your love in arms, to breathe in each fragrance, each moment.
Memorize the delicate details of this newness and engulf each into adorable hug.
Hug -never to let it go.
Cherish this love- this new dimension.
Sprinkle some magic each now and then.
Breathe in some life into it with surprises.

Explore another dimension of same love.

Valentine’s Day may seem to be artificial and just a day to celebrate love. But your love can give it another dimension. So just explore your love for your family, spouse, books or for unmentioned love of your life. Just love all and put your heart into them, and see the magic.

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