Befikre Review: Fresh, Frothy, Bubbly and Full of Life

Befikre Weekend = Befikre Entertainment, and Befikre Entertainment = Befikre Ranveer Singh

Befikre Review: Fresh, Frothy, Bubbly and Full of Life
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For all, young and young-at-heart, Ranveer Singh and Vaani Kapoor dish out a total paisa wasool entertainment. They hug, they smooch, they fight, they dare, and they make love, in complete gay abandon and therein lies the beauty of the film. Love in the times of gadgets and gizmos, BEFIKRE sets the tone of the film. Fresh, frothy, bubbly and full of life!!!

BEFIKRE sets the tone of the film. Fresh, frothy, bubbly and full of life!!!

Apt to its name, BEFIKRE is all about wild wild love engulfed in unbridled passion play…

What survives? Lust or love??? Check it out.

It’s true, that BEFIKRE has no message nor a story but sometimes it’s perfectly great to have freakin fun without any preaching or teaching. Refreshingly, the film kick starts to a marathon of kisses, diving headlong into the passion pool. Are we shocked at the excessive PDA?? No way, as it blends seamlessly with the theme of the film.

Merci Beaucoup, a ‘big thank- you’ to director, Aditya Chopra because we are no longer ‘shy’ Indians. Now we wear desires on our sleeves, love wild encounters, flaunt our innerwear as outerwear. And yes, we have learnt to kiss, in a French way. True to his reputation as King of romance, Aditya Chopra (after a gap of 8 years) offers us this most tempting and delicious ’13 course French menu’ in the stunning locales of the city of love, Le Paris.

For next 2 hours, in the mecca of romance, love is literally in the air. No one can escape its beautiful boulevards, the luminous Eiffel tower, turquoise waters, French reveiras, and obviously (ever charming) Parisian hunks! The magic of BEFIKRE spreads like a warm hug on a cold, December night.

The magic of BEFIKRE spreads like a warm hug on a cold, December night.

Bringing the ‘oomph…’ factor

And credit goes to the man-of-the-moment, Ranveer Singh. The one and only, who dares to bare his derriere… just for a split second though. Unfair, I know! But there are lots more. Ranveer in a buff avatar sets the screen on fire with his throbbing intensity and infectious energy. Like a bolt-from-the-blue, he lights up every frame with his sheer exuberance. Bravo! these fluttering hearts are saying ‘yeh dil maange more’.

Matching up to the steps in the game of love is a plain jane, Vaani Kapoor. A perfect foil to Ranveer’s antics? Not exactly. Act-wise, she is strictly ok but why should the girl-with-no-hang-ups be so hard faced with an ice-cold demeanour? 6 pack abs look great but scores terribly low on oomph factor. Her reed-thin, tomboyish athlete frame robs her off the required feminity. We like to be a no-nonsense woman but minus the biceps and triceps please. But Vaani is a terrific dancer, her tango with Ranveer is simply mind blowing… Just Wow!

Rest of the sundry characters have a ho-hum existence.

After a long gap, Vishal-Shekhar’s peppy score does wonders to the film, adding to the fun-quotient and keeping up with the high tempo with amazing ease. Superb to say the least.

So, without doubt, BEFIKRE is the movie to be watched ASAP. Bring on that X’MAS cheer a lil’ early. Paste that goofy smile on your face and get ready to paint the night red in Le Paris… Au revoir.

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