DANGAL Review : Most Inspiring Biographical Film on Sports

Are Aamir Khan films beyond critical reviewing? Yes, I suppose.

DANGAL Review : Most Inspiring Biographical Film on Sports
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Well scripted, well documented and well executed, DANGAL can and will proudly enter the league of ‘most inspiring biographical film on sports’.

DANGAL arouses such strong sentiments, that it ceases to be a film and becomes a lesson in life for each one in the audience. Such a strong social message (BE the change to MAKE a change) with high-octane performances makes DANGAL, the most watchable film of the year.

Does DANGAL create a dangal (in cinema theatres)? Read Dangal Review

Yes, of course. In village dialect, “Ekdum Dhakad, Ekdum Dabaang picture” and how? Dangal is a word to describe a wrestling bout and for every nameless and faceless person in this small, decrepit village of Haryana, Dangal is way of life.

Mahaveer Singh Phogat (Aamir Khan), national-level wrestler of yesteryears is no different. However, his quest for gold medal comes to a screeching halt after he is blessed with 4 daughters in a row.

Essentially wrestling is a man’s game where only toughest and strongest can survive. How can a girl child win a gold medal in wrestling? But throwing all the societal norms to the wind, Mahaveer Phogat decides to realize his golden dreams through his girls whom he considers no less than boys in anyways.

And sure enough, girls bring back the coveted titles and medals. Bravo !

Here on, DANGAL turns into a soul-stirring journey of 2 sisters, dotted with early morning Kasrat, gulping down glasses of milk and ghee, countless Dand Baithaks, gruelling wrestling bouts and never ending training sessions.

All in day’s work !

As if, life for little Geeta and Babita become a blur of tears, toil and triumphs, all mingled with red sand of Akhara. Interestingly, we relish their every triumph. This trumpet of triumph is not just of that bout that Phogat girls win but our own win against age-old society-vices of women-emancipation and gender-inequality.

A big salute to Phogat. His belief in women power, made role-models out of his daughters in the Haryana hinterlands which are otherwise infamous for highest number of honour killings and female-infanticide.

On technical level, film becomes slightly repetitive with male-bashing and thumping down on the mats but we forgive such minor glitches.

Though DANGAL is steeped in rustic, desi flavour, not for once do we miss those Swiss alps or designer clothes, not for once do we miss those item song and dance.

In fact, not for once do we feel alienated with the rural canvas or characters, whether it is a sight of bathing buffalos, smelly cattle sheds, idle-chillum puffing village folks on charpoys or ghunghat clad gaon-ki-goris.

Director, Nitesh Tiwari, please take a bow.

Now, What do we say about Tom Hanks of Bollywood, Aamir Khan. His convincing act of a stocky, bulky, pot-bellied male patriarch and once-upon-a-time wrestler goes beyond cosmetics and prosthetics. He may be an actor of few(wrong) words (in the past), but his art touches our heart. Such is the emotional intensity that he does not play the Phogat character, he owns it…. should we expect a national award?

Yes, please!

Giving him able support is a fine actor of tele world namely Sakshi Tanwar. She does a brilliant job of a subdued and a loving mother and a wife to the core.

A pat on the back to the casting director for giving us four gems, Geeta & Babita senior and junior. Whether it is getting under the skin with their crew-cuts or pounding their male opponents in the Akhara, iron girls tear into the male bastion with unwavering tenacity and steely determination.an

More to brute women power!

Country music is easy on ears and not just compulsive add-on.

My verdict

DANGAL deserves to be a tax-free film. It deserves to be watched by every girl-child and by every parent. Forget demonetisation blues, JUST-GO-FOR-IT.

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