Movie Review: KAABIL…Is it Kaabil enough to stand against Raaes?

The name says it all. KAABIL, that makes impossible into possible.

Kudos to the director Sanjay Gupta and versatile actor, Hrithik Roshan for experimenting with a risqué role while deviating from the run-of-the-mill stories.

Movie Review: KAABIL...Is it Kaabil enough to stand against Raaes?

Loosely inspired by a Hollywood film, KAABIL is our dramatized version of BLIND SAMURAI.A visually impaired brave heart taking on the evil system and turning ordinary situations into extraordinary ones with his exemplary courage and special abilities forms the general storyline of KAABIL. The script has nothing new to offer but Sanjay Gupta makes sure that KAABIL has generous amounts of razzmatazz, thrills and chills of a standard commercial film.

KAABIL is special for many reasons

Trouble in the paradise

We may label their world as dark and colorless but Hrithik and Yami choose happiness and positivity over every hurdle. They love their idyllic world where they see nothing wrong and do nothing wrong. In the 1st half, their innocent existence almost makes us jealous where birds chirped, butterflies fluttered, flowers bloomed and bees buzzed. But too much of happiness upsets the balance of the world and with the sudden turn of events, our lovely couple is pushed into the vortex of a raging storm that can make or break their life in the end. Yet, like a blazing sun, Hrithik aka Rohan Bhatnagar unleashes the blind fury over his enemies and drowns them in their own blood and gore. Strangely, at times, KAABIL bears the strong resemblance with blockbuster GHAJANI which had same basic premise of a revenge drama that surpasses all disabilities.

Hrithik at his best

To be brutally honest, with KAABIL, Hrithik breaks the ceiling of mediocrity in Bollywood. The actor par excellence sets some impossible standards for the other actors to match up in future. Ever ready to push that extra mile, Hrithik actually lives the role by pouring his heart and soul into it. One can imagine no one but Hrithik to do justice with this special character. His winning performance overrides the deadly combo of insanely handsome looks and envious 8 packs bod. Yes, very few actors manage to break this self-constructed image trap….Bravo 

Amazing Yami Gautam

Yummy Yami is easy on eyes who lights up the screen every time with her 440-watt smile. Her innocent and porcelain beauty is worth million bucks. She has come a long way since her ‘Vicky Donor’ days. Seems like this “Fair and Lovely” girl is here to stay for a long while.

And here’s a surprise element

Brothers in arms, Ronit and Rohit roy, are the new additions to the bad boys’ brigade. They are the perfect pieces of nasty work who are here to make the life of Hrithik and Yami, a living hell. Ronit Roy has proved his mettle before and here too he nails the devil part perfectly.

When it is Sanjay Gupta film, a blockbuster item song or songs is need of the day. The current flavour of Bollywood, Urvashi Rautela scorches the silver screen in her gold chains, gyrating seductively on a remixed classic ‘Sara Zamana’ to shrill whistles.

KAABIL also includes some terrific fight sequences, executed in an ultra-stylish, sleek way and are a delight to watch. Hrithik performs these stunts with right amount of hesitancy as a visually impaired individual.

When everything is going good, the musical tracks of Rajesh Roshan work like a speed breaker, a total show spoiler. We wished for more peppy numbers though. KAABIL also suffers from excess melodrama that tests our patience to the core.

Now, with long weekend hanging ahead, it remains to be seen if KAABIL is kaabil enough to pull the public out of their cosy nooks. My verdict – KAABIL is worth one watch.

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