MERI PYAARI BINDU – It could have been one Helluva Mad Romantic Commedy

MERI PYAARI BINDU – It could have been one Helluva Mad Romantic Commedy

Trailers of MERI PYARI BINDU felt like a spray of mint fresh water in scorching summer. Hence 120 min film was going to be like dunking and drenching in the cool waters. Or so I thought would happen. But guess what; water ran out leaving us high and dry once again.

MERI PYAARI BINDU Review - A Spray of Mint Fresh Water in Scorching Summer
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Ayushmann Khurana and Pariniti Chopra’s quirky love story hangs between 1985-2015. And since it happens in Kolkata, even year 2000 seems like 80’s.

Ayushmann is our ‘Bubla’ Abhimanyu Roy with fussy yet adorable Bengali parents. While Pariniti aka ‘Bindu’ Shanker Narayanan is his pyaari,pesky neighbour. Growing up years are filled with Pari bossing around with Ayushmann in a playful banter.

Opposites attract and so our soft hearted hero falls hook, line and sinker for this free spirited Bindu. One who never actually gives a damn about his emotions. Eventually after giving ‘Shradhanjali’ to Kishor Kumar, Geeta Dutt, K.L Sehgal, Rajesh Khanna and RD Burman through umpteen 70’s and 80’s songs, our love birds understand each other’s ‘Mann Ki Baat’; and even we wake up from our private slumber of 80’s and 90’s.

MERI PYAARI BINDU Review - A Spray of Mint Fresh Water in Scorching Summer
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With a crackling pair like Ayushmann and Pariniti , MERI PYAARI BINDU could have been one helluva mad-cap rom-com. But shuttling in and out of numerous flashback confuses the hell out of audience. Interestingly, it’s a love triangle – me, my girlfriend and a music system with soundtrack of OUR life!!

Good idea but overdose of nostalgia can bore you to death after a certain period. Whenever things are on a roll, some black & white era ditties come up as super spoilers.

Director Akshay Roy and writer, Supratim Sarkar seem to have decided to be over indulgent wherein the lead pair may be physically in 2015 but mentally in 1980; no,this mish-mash hurts.

Anyways, in the modern avatar, Pari is a part of confused-generation who wants to do everything but succeeds at nothing in particular. Abhi like a knight-in-shining-armour helps his lady love to find her true calling in life. And if that entails fighting with his parents, breaking-up with his girlfriend or bribing his banker friends; so be it. But things are far from rosy.

Pari decides to move on to be more independent and our devdas; a part-time writer turns into a full-time Hindi pulp fiction author on rebound. He writes literature ‘classics’ like Chudail ki Choli, Khooni Mang, Parde ke peeche etc etc..

Years later they meet, only to find out, was it love actually??

MERI PYAARI BINDU is peppered with some rib-tickling scenes though; quintesstinal, overzealous, melodramatic Bhadralok Bongs with their boisterous set of friends are absolutely entertaining. Their unwavering love for football and food is well picturised. A heritage haveli in Kolkata’s Shovabazaar that overlooks Howrah Bridge is beautifully captured.

Ayushmann Khurana has proved his mettle in the earlier Yashraj films and this time too he shines bright throughout. Like a breath of fresh air; his super energetic performance gives the film that much needed push to rise above the mediocrity. In a surprise package, Pariniti Chopra marvels us with her spot-on performance. That of sometimes moody, angry, sometimes jolly or sometimes downright silly. Her expressive face misses nothing, doling out every emotion like a seasoned actor. Lighting up the screen every time with her vibrant persona. Atta girl.

MERI PYAARI BINDU Review - A Spray of Mint Fresh Water in Scorching Summer
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Even rest of the cast keeps the film going strong. From Prakash Belavadi to June to Aparajita Auddy seem to be in sync with their characters. Now wish, even the director and writer were in sync with their film.

Sound track, barring the old Hindi classics, is nothing to rave about. Yes, Ayushmann’s solo song is hummable.

Alright, MERI PYAARI BINDU could be your onetime watch. That is if you are over and done with BAHUBAALI mania JJ

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