OK JAANU Movie Review – Old Wine in New Bottle

OK JAANU; screamed AR Rahman on our idiot boxes for past week. He gave serious complexes to all ‘jaanu s’of the world.


OK JAANU Movie Review - Old Wine in New Bottle

With a hit jodi of AASHIQUI-2, AR Rahman on board and a sensible director like Shaad Ali at the helm, OK JAANU could have been a runaway success. But to our dismay, the film swears by the mantra, ‘if-you-can’t-beat-them-than-join-them’. Simply put, the film adds to the statistics by one more to the long list of sugary sweet, rom-com films.

OK JAANU – Another Tamil Remake

In times when Bollywood is bubbling with successful Off-track films, Shaad Ali decides to play safe by remaking Mani Ratnam’s Tamil blockbuster, O KADHAL KANMANI in a most predictable way. In fact, lack of innovation and imagination is the bane of OK JAANU. For example, scenes of a bickering couple, cat fights, song picturisation, cliché, twists and finally the reunion look strikingly similar to Shaad Ali’s previous hit film, SAATHIYA (also a Tamil remake).

OK JAANU Movie Review - Old Wine in New Bottle


Ok Jaanu, you have to choose between an eternal love or a kick-ass career !! Of course, its career, Dude.

Ok Jaanu, marriage or live- in relationship? Live-in, Boss !! Problem solved.

Of course not. For millennials, Tara & Adi;  problems get multiplied thereafter, taking a toll on their fragile relationship. In the meantime, she is off to Paris to study Architecture and he is off to US to make a mark as an animation expert. While their love dies a slow death till an elderly couple drills sense into their hot heads.

Sounds common? You bet, it is.

We have seen this all in TAMASHA, LOVE AAJ KAL etc. and so many other films. Though we loved the colourful and carefree first half, a storyline that showcases the perils of live-in relations and a demanding career seems oh-so-yesterday. Wait, our miseries are far from over.

OK JAANU Movie Review - Old Wine in New Bottle


Item song Hamma Hamma

They call it rehashing but we call it murdering of ‘Hamma Hamma’ song. Feels like adding insult to the injury.

Performances by lead actors

Surprisingly, in such a youth-oriented film, the ‘Wow factor’ is provided by senior actors Naseeruddin Shah and Lila Sampson; a very endearing act indeed. The lead pair, Shraddha Kapoor and Aditya Roy Kapur are oozing with talent and are super comfortable with each other. Their torrid-chemistry on sensuous nights notches up the intimacy quotient to a new high.

Aditya Roy Kapur has his scenes and his moments, his wicked smile and natural performance steal our hearts but does nothing out-of-box kind.

Shraddha Kapoor is no different than her past acts and has nothing new to offer other than to look minty fresh.

Kitu Gidwani, my personal favourite actor of yester years has a sweet cameo in a very ethnic Indian avatar.

AR Rahman’s music is marginally better than previous MOHENJO DARO but fails to create any magic.

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