RAABTA Movie Review – Everything looks pitch perfect except the screenplay

RAABTA Movie Review – Everything looks pitch perfect except the screenplay

Thanks to RAABTA, we discover one more red hot sizzling pair on the roads of Budapest.

Sushant Singh Rajput and Kriti Sanon have arrived with a bang. The ‘IT’ couple of Bollywood infuses enough magic and boundless energy into the film that pulls us into their wonderland for next 2 hours.

RAABTA Movie Review - Everything looks pitch perfect except the screenplay

RAABTA means karmic connection and that explains the storyline revolving around reincarnation where boy-has-to-kill-the-villain in every birth to reunite with his love. A clichéd story, upgraded due to the grand production scale that traverses two different time-lines with equal ease. And viewers do not mind embarking on this adventure that passes through some scintillating locations worth adding to our bucket list.

But this adventure is not a smooth ride. Bumps appear in form of sluggish pace in the first half as if suffering from a nasty BEFIKRE hangover with almost similar scenes and dialogues. Straight from the sarson fields of Punjab, Sushant Singh, jumps to Budapest as a banker who wants to improve his score board with every firangi in sight, get drowned in every booze lying around and break every rule meant to be followed….in short, join the ranks of desperate Indians going abroad !!!!! After numerous one-night stands, Kriti and Sushant stumble upon eternal love for each other. But Kriti suffers from recurring midnight-nightmares of past life that has Jim Sarbh, the third angle of the tragic love triangle.

After fair amount of why’s, How’s and what if’s, the mystery is solved under eerie meteorite shower on a full moon night. To the director’s credit, past-life scenes of a warrior tribe are well eked out….call it a mix of BAHUBAALI and AVATAR .

RAABTA Movie Review - Everything looks pitch perfect except the screenplay

But not everything is such grey and somber. Director, Dinesh Vijeyan has kept the script minty fresh with some ‘Yo’ dialogues and tongue-in-cheek humour. Like Sushant proposing his ladylove with off-the-hook one liner,” Are we moving towards chat- bistar- and- phat- shaadi life”…or… “Girls always love Heera and not Hero “……. Sounds cheesy but fits the bill.

Breezy songs picturised over the breath-taking locales of Budapest and Vienna, are to die for. Chart-topping number, ‘Ek Variya’ is the highlight of the film. Colour coordinated and uber stylish outfits of the lead pair, in past and present life, keep up the glam quotient ticking. Everything looks pitch perfect except the screenplay. Unfortunately, by the time we are nearing the end, unwanted comedy ruins the game completely that has already lost the grip over the happenings.

But all is forgiven when it comes to much-in-love couple. Their explosive chemistry is like a live volcano, burning the screen with every eruption.
Done-to-death plot is watchable only and only due to Sushant Singh Rajput. His electrifying screen presence, irrepressible youth and his quick-wit humour makes him a star-in-waiting. He deliberately departs from his serious image of DHONI and BYOMKESH BAKSHI, only to embraces much lighter and goofier romantic fluff…..He tries hard to be a love-struck-Casanova-high- on- dopamine with incessant chatter, but bro, only Ranveer Singh rules this territory, so just chill and carry on with the intense stuff, we dig that !!!!!

RAABTA Movie Review - Everything looks pitch perfect except the screenplay

Post, HEROPANTI, Kriti Sanon has moved up the ladder in acting department but is stuck with girl-next-door image. Kriti looks beautiful as Saira though her face carries very few emotions. But we realize what was missing when leggy lass, Deepika Padukone gyrates for a guest appearance….floored 

New baddie on-the-block, Jim Sarbh of NEERJA fame, commands our attention like no other. An accomplished theatre actor with a wicked sense of justice, eclipses Sushant Singh briefly. His halting dialogue delivery in anglicized Hindi makes him an uncanny anti-hero who sports a very unconventional personality by Bollywood standards. Hope, this suave actor is not gunning for Hollywood.

On the whole, RAABTA touches all the bases to zoom up the commercial charts but the result does not live up to our expectations, though it still deserves to be in one-time-watch category.

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