SOTY2 Review {2.5}: Enjoy this hilarious dance-action drama but don’t judge it
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SOTY2 Review {2.5}: Enjoy this hilarious dance-action drama but don’t judge it

On 19th October 2012, God had directed and produced sleeper hit film, STUDENT OF THE YEAR ( SOTY) and today God brings on its sequel, SOTY2. God is incidentally the richest producer of Bollyworld, Mr. Karan Johar and his ‘bhakts’… read actors (wannabes, strugglers, established) want this God’s hand to propel their carriers to dizzying heights….just like Alia Bhatt, Varun Dhawan and Siddharth Malhotra ( the troika of SOTY1 ).

So for next few hours, I am ready to shrug off this middle class tag and enter the ultra-glamorous and richie-rich world of 20 somethings who are walking-talking designer labels living in majestic houses, eating at fancy joints, partying in luxe clubs and mending broken hearts in Rolls Royce (feels better than shedding tears on a broken garden bench) 😉.

SOTY2 Review {2.5}: Enjoy this hilarious dance-action drama but don’t judge it
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And by the way, hook-up, break-up, patch-up is put on a repeat mode within the same group. After all, everything is fair in love, war and KJo films, isn’t it 😉? Life is all about crushing on next cool dude and falling in ‘lust’ with next pouty lips. Calling them ‘spoiled brats’ is a big No No. After all, they do manage to study at ‘alien-to-India’ colleges.

The crackling first half is superbly entertaining with campus rumblings. A total laugh riot with some hilarious one-liners and more-than-funny sidekicks. SOTY2 looks promising with fresh faces, zingy music and some zhakaas dance moves by the dancer of the year, Tiger Shroff. Not to miss his seduction act before Gul Panag, totally whistle-worthy.

If one has watched Aamir Khan’s cute campus caper, JO JEETA WAHI SIKANDER, then I don’t need to discuss the plot of SOTY2 further. Of course, there are few twists and turns but in the end, it is our good old rom-com that celebrates coming of age in a spectacularly stylish way. Cheers.

Pishorimal college fukras are pitched against St. Theresa’s dandy dudes. In between, sassy girls are twining in half meter clothes driving our studs to insanity. Pumping iron, guzzling coffee and flaunting chiseled abs is the order of the day. Tiger’s fan gals can feast their eyes 😉.

Though things pick up in form of high on action race for the ‘Student of the year’ trophy, the second half gets stuck in the rut and the magic is lost. Now, remember that the word ‘ acting’ was never a part of this film in case of any expectations.

SOTY2 Cast

If Karan Johar wanted his hero to dance like a dream and fight like a machine then he makes the right choice with Tiger Shroff.

Throughout the film, Tiger Shroff is seen jumping and dancing around like a rubber ball. Yeah, his bones are bendable to any degrees !! Jazz, moonwalk, salsa, waltz, jive, break dance; you name it and Tiger has done it. We walk on two legs, he glides in the air, defying gravity. A pure pleasure to watch 😊. When his body is not swaying to the rhythm, his hands and legs are busy kicking and punching holes in human bodies. Phewwww. Never realized there existed a raging storm behind that innocent face. Now only if he could improve his emoting skills.

Twining duo, Tara Sutaria, and Ananya Panday move around like barbie dolls. Seriously, do they even eat something called, Food !!! After dunking them under layers of cosmetics, they are all fluffed up in silk and satin robes to be driven around in sky-high stilettoes. Fluttering eyelashes and tossing their hair, these purring cats cannot imagine a life beyond AC salons and rocking night clubs.

SOTY2 Review {2.5}: Enjoy this hilarious dance-action drama but don’t judge it
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Of the two, Tara comes out to be more of a self-assured gal who has all trappings to turn into a Bollywood diva. Thanks to her childhood acting stints, she walks around like a pro. A bit over-confident, over-the-top. But when it comes to mixed expressions, our girl turns into a block of ice.

Ananya Panday may have got a dream debut but she totters around like a ‘bheegi billi’ uneasy with the dance moves, love hugs, and even flirty mini skirts. Her jumping nerves are evident in every scene. Well well, welcome to the ever-increasing gang of Janhvi Kapoor and Co.

Newbie, Aditya Seal, is an easy going lad who does not try too hard to be a ‘Dude’ of Dharma productions. His killer dimples almost overshadow Tiger’s washboard abs. He is fun to watch only when he does not try ‘acting’ in a sense.

Director, Puneet Malhotra has an ear to the ground but has got clearly carried away with Karan Johar movie-making rules.

Anyways, if you are in for some BRAIN less fun and mindless acting over this weekend, than SOTY2 will not disappoint you 😊.

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