4 Year Old Ananya Verma Gets Direct Admission into 9th Standard

At the age of four, I was trying to grapple with alphabets, learn names of fruits, animals and many such things. Even might be watching Tom and Jerry, fighting with siblings over the remote control or for stationery.

But here is someone who, at the age of four is all set to naomenclature of elements, solve trigonometry queries, understand the concept of velocity, speed and read Premchand and write essays on trending topics.

It’s like I was that drunken Sharman Joshi from Bollywood superhit 3 Idiots, for whom the motor starts like vrooooommm; while this 4-year old girl, Ananya Verma is like that mad genius Aamir Khan, who could make the suction pump from a vacuum cleaner.

4 Year Old Ananya Verma Gets Direct Admission into 9th Standard
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Ananya Verma has never been to school before this, but when appeared for an entrance exam, she cleared it with ease. The principal of the Meera’s Inter School, Lucknow asked her to read the newspaper and “did it like an adult”, said the principal. But the most surprising thing is, none of the parents is educated nor do they have money to fund the education of kids.

This little genius intrigued the school teacher when she picked a book and started reading it, while her father and teacher were talking in the market. The Principal of the school, mother and sister of hers all affirm to the fact her grasping power and learning abilities are commendable.

This girl could read books like Hanuman Chalisa and complete Ramayana with immense ease, when she was just 21 months old.

4 Year Old Ananya Verma Gets Direct Admission into 9th Standard
Source : rediff

But this household is not new to such child prodigies. While mother cannot read or write and the father is a sanitation supervisor in a university, these three kids are just genius. Sushma, elder daughter is currently pursuing Doctorate in Microbiology, at the age of 15. She has completed her post graduation in the same subject. She holds the Limca book of Records for being the youngest child to complete matriculation at the age of seven. However, now Ananya can beat her sister, if maintains this pace.

Even their brother, Shailendra is the youngest computer science graduate, at the age of 14. Weirdly, neither the parents nor siblings forced Ananya to study, rather she was the one who would ask Sushma’s guidance when she returned from college. Now, Ananya Verma will be attending the same school of her siblings. Moreover, none of the child took any tuition or any other assistance, as their father didn’t have any money.

Furthermore, to add on to this, the father, Tej Bahudar says that it’s because of his children, he got this job. In his own words, “My children have even built a future for their father because it was their fame that got me this job”.

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