Madras High Court Judge stays Supreme Court Order

Madras High Court Judge Justice C S Karnan is in loggerhead with Judges of Supreme Court.
Recently 2 bench judges of Supreme Court transferred Justice Karnan to the Calcutta high court. He was also restrained from taking judicial work.

Madras High Court

Justice Karnan stayed Chief Justice of India’s order of transferring him to Calcutta.

He said, “Only allocation of judicial work has been stopped. My judicial powers are still with me. I will pass a suo motu judicial order to the Chennai city commissioner of police to register an FIR against the two judges“.

He also said, “If my birthright is cancelled, I will migrate to a country where there is no such discrimination.

He said, he is facing discrimination because he belongs to SC/ST cast.

Bringing cast, religion and intolerance in everything seems to be the fashion now. This High Court judge just did the same thing.

We at social chumbak urged intellectual to restraint themselves from taking such short-cuts.

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