Open Letter to the Social Media Activists on the Pulwama Attack

Open Letter to the Social Media Activists on the Pulwama Attack

On 14th February 2019, a Jaish-a-Mohammed terrorist killed 44 CRPF personnel. The Pulwama attack was one of the deadliest attacks on our armed forces. It breaks my heart to see that even after 72 years of independence the thirst for bloodshed and slaughtering of innocent lives continues to live on.

Open Letter to the Social Media Activists on the Pulwama Attack
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A wave of Social Media Activism

There are tons of people sharing their condolences and some rage-filled messages, asking the government and Army to exact revenge. However with no intention to offend anyone’s sentiments and thoughts on India’s next move.

To show support for the men and their families whose lives are now changed forever, students of various educational institutes like Army Public School, Pune, APS Noida, Army Institute of Law, Mohali etc held a candle march. This is just one of the examples where the people are trying to show their anger and sadness.

Even Prime Minister Narendra Modi promised that the sacrifice of these brave soldiers will not go in vain. He has given the defence forces a free hand to retaliate against the attack as they see fit.

War is not the solution

Being a “FAUJI BRAT” I can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt that waging war is not the answer. It never was, and never will be. Agreed, that these men took an oath to protect the country. But the real question is what are our forces fighting towards? Even after committing such a heinous crime the terrorist Masood Azhar still roams freely in Pakistan?

Furthermore, when we ask for revenge, we are asking fathers, husbands, and brothers to give up their lives for the fulfilment of a position in the vicious cycle of consequences’.

Open Letter to the Social Media Activists on the Pulwama Attack
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Being born and brought up in an Army environment the memory of how my mum wouldn’t sleep peacefully even if my father was away on his regular duties is still fresh. We were taught how to answer the phone and always check the number before giving out any personal information. Even in peacetime defence personnel and his family are never not cautious.

While the status quo of firing and attacks between the two countries is commonplace now, a ray of hope in the form of people’s awareness is a strong theme in the fabric of the country. Show your support to all the officers and jawans who have lost their lives. Host a candle march and create shrines for the collection of donations. Go on! Make a difference! This year, dedicate two minutes of your time and a small amount of money for those people who lost their present for your future.

Something needs to change, the system needs to step up and unite against the disease of terrorism without having World War 3! We have had centuries of war and bloodshed it didn’t work then, it won’t do wonders now.

Signing Off
Arundhati Bhatia
D/o a Brave Heart

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