Due to Balakot Air Strike, Sam Pitroda feels bad as an Indian citizen

With the elections coming up, debates and discussion run rampant across all forms of media. As political parties battle for the top position, it seems some have lost their direction. They are not able to think beyond questioning the Balakot Airstrikes. Or at the best trending ‘Chowkidar’ debate. It seems everything is up for debate. And in all fairness, to preserve the essence of a democracy, it is important to debate. However, there are some things which shouldn’t be debated upon. The Indian Air Force’s actions in defending the honor of the country is one such thing.

Sam Pitroda feel bad as an Indian citizen due to Balakot Air Strike
Image Source: Deccan Chronicle

Sam Pitroda of Congress questions the authenticity of the airstrikes

Sam Pitroda is the Indian Overseas Chief of the Indian National Congress. In a recent interview, the man questioned whether the Balakot airstrike had truly taken place or not. He said that a nation shouldn’t be tagged on the basis of a few terrorists.

He said:

“I would like to know more as I have read in the New York Times and other newspapers, what did we really attack, did we really kill 300 people?”

With reference to the matter, he also added that while the Indian media has claimed that 300 terrorists have been neutralized, the international media reports otherwise.

“Then comes the global media which says nobody was killed, I look bad as an Indian citizen.”

We would like to ask, which part exactly makes him look like bad as an Indian citizen?

The fact that our military chose to respond to a gruesome attack on innocent people?

The fact that we believe in retaliation rather than submission and yielding to lowly acts of terrorism?

The fact that we celebrate the ferocity and ability of our brave soldiers?

Which exactly, makes him look bad? Is taking pride in our soldiers bad?

We don’t think so.

Not only is it a matter of pride, but it is also a display of power. At a time when India stands at the biggest democracy and one of the biggest economies, it is important that we celebrate and take pride in the acts of bravery and show of power. At such a time, it is important to condemn everyone who tags this pride taking as “looking bad”.

If Mr. Pitroda is so concerned about looking bad then he should worry about these statements since they make him look even worse in his own country.

Congress party should spend lesser time debating nonsense issues and questioning Indian armed forces actions. In the time of elections, we expect Congress and its leaders to behave with maturity. We as a citizen want them to act as a powerful opposition and raise people’s concern.

Stop acting nonsense please!!

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