Telangana CM gets a bulletproof bathroom


Telangana CM , K Chandrashekhara Rao probably believes that his farts might offend quite a large number of people who may snipe at him while he washes his sins away in his luxurious toilet.

No wonder, Telangana CM is making bulletproof bathroom !

In fact, come to think of it, the Telangana politician have given a new reason to PM Narendra Modi to have toilets constructed inside.

What if your rivals shoot at you  while you go out and poop? Evidently, the CM has a foresight that only few of mortals can possess.

Mr. PM, please note!

But, is farting such a big problem in Telangana that you need to bulletproof your bathroom? That is a question that we would like the pollsters to answer.

However, we can hazard a guess- politicians smell much more bad  than the aam janta .

Clearly there is a large number of dissatisfied souls waiting to take potshots at the founding father of Telangana!

We are missing Arnab so much at this hour. He would have by now assembled some raucous politicians and demanded from them and the Nation the reason behind the bulletproofing of the bathroom of  CM Telangana! There would have been a hail of tweets during his show , all of them laden with sarcasm , wit, irony and metaphor. Clearly, such a Q&A session on Arnab’s show would have swept away all the bad  odour from the offending bathroom.

On a more sober note, we also demand that such bulletproofed bathrooms be also made available to our soldiers and villagers living on the LOC . Pooping at the LOC in Kashmir is dangerous these days!

Nature’s call might get turned into God’s call, who knows?

To the Telangana CM, all we have to say is, “Dear Sir, please use the tax payer’s money to some real good use”. Bulletproofing your bathroom is not going to save you from the wrath of the citizens. Ballots are now the new bullets in this day and age.

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