3 simple ways – How to handle rejection!!

Suddenly you realized that its time to handle rejection. So, that endearing Whatsapp picture of your beloved has suddenly gone blank, leaving you clueless? When you tried to dig into details and texted her, the message couldn’t achieve the much-awaited tick mark. You scratch your head, check your internet connection, restart the Internet router but still the luck eludes you. Finally, you realise the dirty game and end up smashing your phone against the jaded walls.

3 simple ways to handle rejection!!
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Yes, you got it right. It’s a rejection.

She has blocked you, blocked you from Whatsapp, blocked you from calling and blocked you from her personal space as well.

Understandably, your natural reaction ought to be aggressive. You whine, you vent out your anger in the form of smoke puffs and indulge in heavy drinking linked directly to an incessant flow of tears. Isn’t it? But wait, why do you need to punish yourself?

Life is a phenomenal gift wrapped in a fragile cover of such petty issues. Looking at the cover, if you refrain from unpacking it, you are doing more harm than good to yourself. Here are some tips to pull you out immediately from the bitter hangover of a rejection.

3 simple ways to handle rejection!!
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  1. Indulge in activities you like – The best way is to keep yourself engaged. Not by mundane tasks but by activities which can get the blood pumping back in you. Read a book, shake a leg in a disc, eat your favourite meal at an expensive restaurant, go for a fun trip, indulge in your favourite activity immediately and I bet, you won’t regret.
  1. Meet your best friend and chat your heart out – This friend has wetted his pants in front of you and has known you since time immemorial. Meet him/her and vent out your anger, frustration with ease. I am sure they will mock you, abuse you, kick you but at least will make you giggle and feel stupid about the pain you have been swooning upon.
  1. Be patient – Rejection is not the end of the story for you, rather it’s the end of adversity. Remember, if someone isn’t there with you means he or she was never meant to be. Rather than whimpering about it, give a thought to it and expect that something good is about to occur. That someone is about to enter your life who will come and stay forever, will fit in perfectly. And that’s when you will realise that God has conspired everything so that you get the best. Just be patient.

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