5 Ways to Spend a Great Valentine’s Day as a Single

Valentine’s Day is commonly celebrated as a day for couples, love, and romance. While it is highly commercialized and romanticized by society’s excessive expectations from relationships.

But mostly, it’s the day I hate to leave home the most. The flash of pink exuding from shops and restaurants. Love songs blaring on every radio station. And couples lovingly holding hands to show their affection for one another is a constant reminder of my never-ending singlehood. However, this year, I have decided to do things differently.

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The idea of love being singular to couples is passé. If you don’t have anyone to cozy up to this Valentine’s Day, don’t worry about it! Here are 5 ways to make this 14th Feb a day for self-care and self-love in the best way possible!

1. Netflix and Chill

Netflixing alone with a face pack on, in your comfiest clothes, is therapeutic to the soul. You can lounge about however you’d like. And if you plan in advance, it can be the most perfect night in. So order yourself some scrumptious dinner and dessert, clean up, and let your favourite movies cheer you up!

5 Ways to Spend a Great Valentine's Day as a Single
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If staying in is not your thing, take the time to go out by yourself, and have a hearty meal. If you feel uncomfortable sitting by yourself, grab a book to take along and read while you wait. Being comfortable by yourself in the first step towards being happier!

2. Get Yourself a Present

Find a goal! I find it a lot easier to set myself a goal and work on achieving it by a deadline. So pick something wonderful that you have been dying to have – it could be that latest iPhone, or a dress you’ve had your eyes on, or even a good book! Find the time to plan financially and send yourself this present. It’s the sense of achievement you will experience when you sign for the package that’ll make this a sure tradition for the years to come.

3. Relax and Meditate

Another very relaxing activity to do all by yourself if going to a spa and getting a massage. There is nothing more calming than having your muscles eased while wonderful smelling aroma oils softly lull you into a nirvana-esque trance. Book yourself a massage and have a spa day this Valentine’s Day.

4. Travel and Explore

If a massage is not the way to go for you, try taking a long drive by yourself. Or better yet, go on a solo trip! The best way to make an otherwise lonely journey more interesting is to curate a playlist of your favourite songs. Listen to your playlist, leave town and have yourself a picnic! Carry your bare necessities and have yourself a lovely day!

5 Ways to Spend a Great Valentine's Day as a Single
Image Source: Pixabay

Another viable option is to explore your city and find those beautiful nooks and crannies everyone seems to be talking about! Taking a walking trip downtown on Valentine’s Day can be intimidating. Make yourself an itinerary, buy a map and have an adventure! Find local speakeasy and watch obscure plays.

5. Do Something Productive with Your Day

Go out and learn something. Check in your local newspapers for day-long courses being offered at community halls or around your city. These are usually priced nominally, but the takeaway experience is rich. You can learn acting, improv comedy, crafts, cooking, and baking or any other interests you might have at these workshops.

Or better yet, volunteer at an animal shelter, or spend the day caring for senior dogs. Visit a ‘goushala’ and pet some cows! Loving animals and being loved back by them can make you up to 10 times happier in general life!

But most of all, this Valentine’s Day, love yourself!

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