6 Women Secrets Every Man Should Know

God created ‘Man’ and he also created ‘Woman’. Though both the creatures were his creations, but then also both are poles apart. Women are a mystery and no one can understand them, and even God will agree with this fact. Are you having difficulty understanding women?

Well ,we totally understand your pain and here to help out with it.

Here we are listing 6 secrets that will help you with dealing with the woman next time.

1. Loves to Get Pampered

6 Women Secrets Every Man Should Know
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If you come across any woman who says that she is independent and doesn’t need a man in her life, then the possibility may be that she doesn’t want to show you her other side. Every woman wants a man who will pamper her and love her till eternity. Every woman wants to get pampered. They want somebody special by their side . Somebody who can laugh aloud with them, somebody you can accompany them to the shopping malls, somebody with whom they can share their strength and weakness.

2. ‘No’ Means No

6 Women Secrets Every Man Should Know
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Never ask a woman about the same thing again and again. When she says ‘no’ to something ,even lord can’t change her mind. It’s tough to change a woman’s mind after she has agreed on something. Changing a woman’s mind may demand your blood and sweat so beware for the next time and check before saying anything to her.

3. Takes Relationship Seriously

6 Women Secrets Every Man Should Know
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Relationships area serious affair and for a woman it is the thing for lifetime.If a woman is head over heels after you, then take yourself lucky and adore her. When a woman in in a relationship, she will forget everything around and her focus will be to make it successful so if you have a woman by your side, then just just love her selflessly and she will protect you from any odds.

4. Don’t Cry Over Spilt Milk

6 Women Secrets Every Man Should Know
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It is said that past is no glory and a woman believes in the fact. The women have strong will power and never look back once they move on, whether it be relationship or life.

5. Sex is Serious

6 Women Secrets Every Man Should Know
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For a woman sex is not a casual thing and they think of doing it with the one who will be there for them whole of the life. Sex is somebody they don’t take for granted . For a woman sex is an emotion that helps in building the bond stronger. The art of love making for them is intense and they remember it for the rest of their life. So, avoid any sort of mistakes during the process and just love her to the fullest.

6. Multitalented

6 Women Secrets Every Man Should Know
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There is no doubt on the fact that woman’s are multitalented beings. There can work on many things and that too without complaining at one time.You can expect several things from a woman be it like working in office, managing home, keeping records, keeping relationship all at the same time. Just wondering ,how do they manage to do so, ask a woman near you.

We know that understanding a woman can be hard, but it is not impossible for sure. Woman’s are the most precious being full of love and affection. A woman demand nothing from you except the same love and care which she gives you.

So next time you come across any woman , just remember these points and act accordingly 😉

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