Precious yet highly affordable gift for Valentine’s day

If you are wondering why your relationship is not working. But simply wondering what is it that went wrong? With time, your relationship should get strong but actually, it is simmering down. But why?

Let’s rewind to your honeymoon period

You two were inseparable. Incessant messages. Calls. Photos. Love was raining. Who cares about work!!! Career, wait! what’s that? You were completely drenched in love.

And back to reality…

Work. Career. Work related calls. Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, everything.  But wait, is there someone lying on the other side of the bed? Who cares about wife when smartphone is life.

Oh yes! we are too busy. We don’t have time but we are always online. We are working hard for us only. But who cares about present!!! This wealth will be of no use when we will move away from our family. This education, career, wealth- might let you stand tall on the success ladder but at the cost of your family. Are you ready for that?

Valentine week’s around the corner

So people, what are you planning?

Going out for dinner? For movie? To peaceful sanctuary?

Surprising your spouse with some gift?

Or just sending a text to them?

You know what surprise them with the love that is shrouded unders heaps of dust. Dust of time. Dust of lack of communication. Dust of work, studies, career, responsibilities, duties, everything. It’s high time- unleash it. Let your love fly and express itself.

No. Your work won’t suffer. Your partner won’t set you back, rather would support you. But it’s you who need to balance between work and life.

Some ideas that won’t cost much

Spending time together is a good idea.

Go out, may be just for a walk, or to mountains or beaches or wherever you wish to. But spend some time together.

You might wish to learn a new hobby- dance, yoga, music, some language. A foreign language can be your new code language. Isn’t that great?

But you need to realize that your default time is not the effort you have made.

You need to put in effort by thinking for something that engages two of you as an entity, not separate entities.

Your sleep time, or maybe your work time- whichever you two are bound to spend together is by default.

But where is that dash of spice, that surprise element?

Why not send a quick message now and then and just surprise them?

How about stealing a quick peck?

Or maybe help your partner out in something unexpected altogether?

A massage maybe?

Anything and everything. But it is all about making an effort. Doing something that is out of routine.

So this Valentine’s Day promise yourself to rekindle the fire. To bring that glorious honeymoon period back. And best would be to let it never end. But without any screen between you. No Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter, Snapchat, anything. Not even the barrier of books or kindle for that matter.

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