Extramarital Affair of My Wife Doesn’t Affect Me!

On a chilly wintry morning, Joseph decided it’s all over between him and his wife Janet. “Everything was going well between me and her. But Janet’s extramarital affair with her office manager David was irksome”, said Joseph.

I was listening to everything that Joseph told me in a free-wheeling chat at a New York restaurant. No, I don’t know him personally. It was just a random conversation between us that began almost suddenly.

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Joseph, 37, did not interfere in Janet’s (33) professional life. He mostly stayed busy with office works – he was director at a private company. “In fact, I would have remained completely unaware of their relationship had I not cancelled my airplane journey to Florida that night. I took a pair of sandwich and went to a nearby airport. I told Janet that I was going to airport. She said Ok.”

Extramarital Affair of My Husband Doesn’t Affect Me!
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“No. Janet was not in the house. She was having an important discussion with David at office – of course that’s what Janet told me. After a couple of hours, I returned home since my Florida meet was cancelled. To my utter dismay, I found Janet and David in a compromising position in my bedroom”, Joseph added.

A One-Night Affair Strengthened the Couple’s Relationship

“I was flabbergasted and shocked. How could the love of my life, Janet, cheat on me? David immediately put on his pants and went away. Janet tried to cover herself with a bedsheet – she wore nothing underneath”, Joseph recalled.

Extramarital Affair of My Husband Doesn’t Affect Me!
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“Before I could utter a word, Janet held my hand and told me it was just a one-night-stand- an accident – she still loved me immensely. It was no cheating! I didn’t know how to react. But Janet’s clear confession has surely pacified me to a large extent” Joseph added further.

How could you come to terms with it? My question ran.

“She had physical intimacy with David, but what I liked most about Janet was her open admission to whatever has happened that night. Next morning, I called David. Reluctantly, David came to my home and we had a good party time.

David looked somewhat preoccupied with guilt, but I tried to lighten things up and said my partner’s affair with someone else doesn’t affect me at all. I married her soul. It has nothing to do with her bodyJoseph memorized exactly what he said at the party.

Extramarital Affair of My Husband Doesn’t Affect Me!
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Immediately, tears rolled down from Janet’s cheeks. Then, an emotional David complemented me – “I met a true man, Joseph, today. I wish both of you very best in your relationship. Hope it stays united forever”.

What happened between you and Janet? I hurled a surprising question again.

Pointing his finger towards Janet, Joseph said they were a happy couple with a lovely angel baby girl – Dorothy. Janet was still working at the same office, but the couple hadn’t faced any trust issues between them ever after that incident. Joseph concluded with a smile.

(Real Names and place in the article have been changed)

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