Notable Signs That Your Partner Is Cheating On You

 So, you are going normal with your life, just passing through the daily ruckus and suddenly a fear engulfs you, “Is he out there with my best friend? Is my partner is cheating on me?”

Or maybe while driving your car, it suddenly hits you “Hey! She hasn’t been texting me much lately.” Perhaps while you were laughing at the Tiger Woods scandal you didn’t realize that your partner could be cheating as well.



Here we are again with another topic which might seem naive at first. However, almost 50% of relationships end up because of infidelity, as says. There is a chance that your relationship could be one of these.

Does it worry you that your partner might not be honest with you in your relationship? Well, you are not alone. Everyone one of us has moments of doubt about our partner’s dishonesty. Today we tell you the “Five Notable Signs That Your Partner Is Cheating on You.” Oh, and one more thing. If you are already doubting them, then they are probably cheating on you (YOU NEVER KNOW!).

5 Notable Signs That Your Partner Is Cheating On You

1. Time spent on the phone

If your partner is spending too much time on the phone, then…umm… you need to worry. Although one must respect the privacy of others but you might want to snoop on their chats while they are not around. Ashley Madison, Kik, Omegle, Nimbuzz, and a long list of messengers and websites are enough to give you sleepless nights (did I forget to mention Snapchat and Tinder, beware of those two especially.)

2. Lies!


One lie leads to another. If your partner is cheating on you then he/she will come up with more lies to cover up the previous one. When the game has been going for long, it’s frequency will go up.  Specifically, if it is about your significant other, you surely can make out their lies. Otherwise look for pauses in conversations, refusing to make eye contacts. Well, you know the person better, so just go with your intuition.


3. They encourage you for other activities

Maybe you could go to shopping with Betty!”.

“You could probably watch the next game with Mike.”


If statements like that are quite common in your relationship, then your partner might be spending YOUR time with someone else. The equation is quite simple here. They will get the time to cheat on you only when they get free from you, and how will they get rid of you? You know the answer. They will try to make sure that you get occupied with other stuff and while you are at it, it is the time for them to get busy.


4. Constant ignoring

If they are constantly ignoring you for no good reason, then surely your partner is hiding something. Believe it or not, there is always a sense of guilt in people if they cheat on you. No matter how bad they are, at the end of the day, they are human. They might feel bad for their actions. So, the next time you notice your partner wearing guilt ridden face or try ignoring you, you know the drill. It’s time to ask them straightaway, which probably is the best way to know the truth instead of your spy-work.

Notable Signs That Your Partner Is Cheating On You
Source: hintsmagazineonline

5. Critical Behavior

I couldn’t be at the meeting on time, it’s all your fault.”

“You made a joke out of me in front of the whole crowd.”

This is probably the strongest sign of your partner not being true to you. Their CRITICAL BEHAVIOR. A cheating partner would usually rely on blaming the other for the smallest or even non-existing issues. This is their way of feeling good about themselves by making the other take the heat. Not only this, the critical behavior will put the partner in the defensive and guilty position. It will cut the chances of the cheated partner even get a chance of doubting the cheating one.

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