Are You Getting Ditched Again & Again? Here is why

The thread of a relationship is finely woven with love, affection and trust. Yet a possibility of complication is always imminent in it. In today’s time, the relationship has only puzzled more with a no way out. Almost every one of us, intentionally or unintentionally, suffers from the relationship entanglement. Ditching is quite inevitable too. You might be the most important person in somebody’s life today, but tomorrow it’s gonna be someone else.

Are you getting ditched again and again?

A sudden full-stop in any relationship could simply devastate your life. To put it simply, the day your partner finds someone better than you, you will be ditched. Nobody sees your broken soul and the anguish it will go through then.

If you are getting ditched again and again, then it’s apt time to analyse the possible causes behind it.

Why Are You Getting Ditched Again & Again? Here is why
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You Have Lost All Your Charms:  Well, you can’t live up to the expectations of your friend or partner all the time. This could invite a lot of troubles messing up your life further. But you shouldn’t take it too seriously; take it as a slice of life. Don’t languish yourself by thinking about the past days. Just MOVE on for a better future.

Your Friends Don’t like You Anymore: It’s not your fault. In the journey of a lifetime some people will like you while some don’t. Similarly, your romantic partner may all of sudden start to dislike or ditch you for no reason at all. It does happen in a romantic life so often. Just as you never know how somebody may fall in love with you likewise you don’t know when somebody starts disliking you.

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Overwhelming Expectations: A relationship is a strange thing. It sometimes goes through roller coaster ride while sometimes walks on bumpy roads. We remain oblivious of what life has in store for us. In relationship too, we want best from our friends without realizing the fact that nobody is perfect in this entire universe. Earlier it all seems good but when we are in a serious relationship these overwhelming expectations can create havoc in life. The day you fail to fulfill your partner’s expectations, he/she will simply ditch you.

Mutual Misunderstandings: Everyone is born with a different thought process. This compels every person to act differently in a different situation. When your partner fails to understand your thoughts or behavior, then he/she will necessarily ditch you. Therefore mutual understanding about each other is necessary to sustain it.

What To Do If You Are Ditched?

  • Know Your Limitation: When you are in a relationship, you should know your limit. If your partner is taking a greater interest in someone else – it evidently means that he/she is no longer interested in being with you in the near future. So, it’s better not to assume too many things when your relationship is still at its nascent stage. Let it bloom first. 
  • Never Feel Jealous: Even if your once so called soulmate is enjoying her/his time with a new person, you don’t need to feel jealous about it. Such things do happen in relationships. If you take things lightly then the pain of ditching will naturally hurt you less. And it will get cured on its own within a few days time.
  • Don’t Embarrass Your Partner: You should also not embarrass your friend by asking about their new relationship that he/she has recently initiated. Let the life go on in its own ways without any interruption from the other side. Sometimes out of a fear to save our relationship we doubt our friend and embarrass him/her further by asking tough personal questions. It must not be done.
  • Keep Yourself Cool: Life is a mystery. Nobody knows how a relationship will evolve in the near future. Let be gone be by gone. If your friend has simply found someone better than you then let be it. Face the harsh reality of a relationship, in which a person’s inner self is always half disclosed. Only at the appropriate time, he/she gets exposed.
  • Reach Out: Talk to your partner and try to know what suddenly went wrong? If something is still left between you two, then there is a chance that you two will be together again. However, if your relationship has reached its low ebb then it’s better to stop it there. Instead, consider beginning a new lovely relationship.

How To Tackle After Being Ditched By Someone

Why Are You Getting Ditched Again & Again? Here is why
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That’s it. Nobody ditches you just for the sake of it. There must have been some valid reasons behind the decision. But you should withstand the pressure with a hope that everything will get well soon.

Always remember that “Tough time doesn’t last long, but tough people do”. Follow it in your everyday life and it will change the way how you perceive love, break ups, and deceit in a relationship.

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