Are You Getting Married!!! Do you really think so? Then, think again.

So you think you are ready for getting married? Let’s go little back in past and think again!!

Are You Getting Married!!! Do you really think so? Then, think again.

Once I’ve the job, I’m ready to get married.

Once I’m done with this course, I’m ready.

Maybe once I know how to cook, sew, manage home, I’m ready.

My parents know the best, if they think I’m ready then I’m.

Damn! My body clock is ticking I need to get married.

Dude,now my juniors are getting married. I’m the only stag left in the entire group. I feel alone, I think I’m ready.

But why our education, age, career, or any other “qualification” determines that if we are ready or not!!!

Your parents want the best for you. That’s true. But you need to realise that it’s not about wedding, but marriage. You might be of eligible age, with pitch perfect “qualifications”, but it’s you who need to get married not those materialistic accountable factors. You might be ready to exchange the vows but are you ready to stand by your words?

No, I’m not here to tell you how and when you will be ready.

Are You Getting Married!!! Do you really think so? Then, think again.

I’m not even going to tell you that the ONE will simply change your outlook or just topsy turvy your world. You might be sure that s/he is the ONE but are you ready to be the ONE that’s a bigger question?

Understand this first that here we are not talking about dating. Go around, take a look, like anyone and date- that’s the dictum of our generation. But the problem arises when we assume this ‘dating’ phase as ‘committed’ phase.

While dating, you are just trying to get to know each other. But when committed, you think that the person is ONE, still you cannot defend your stance. Pardon me for being blunt. But can you accounce your relationship to the world and stand by it? If you have this question a thought, even if for a second then you surely need to introspect.

It’s not about BIG FAT WEDDING where you spend loads and loads of money or a luxurious HONEYMOON or posting those clicks as couple or changing the status on social media, it’s about life- married life.

Marriage is not just about you two, but families as well. You might be living separately, away from families still it is about families. No, it is not just restricted to patriarchal setup, rather extends to otherwise as well. You need to conscious of the families, their happiness, their well-being along with you and your partner.

Being ready for marriage is a process not some overnight stuff.

It won’t be that one fine morning you wake up and bang, you are ready. No, it is not going to be like some advertisement or movie wherein you see beautiful jewellery or someone getting married, and you want to get married. Take your time. You need to understand that you can never define this time. You need not to go against the flow, but just be stern with your decision.

However, trust me once you are convinced that you are ready, the ONE will follow. Everything is meant to fall in place, and it will. No society, no norm, no factor can decide that. It will happen, it is just that you need to to know yourself. Else be prepared for the fall(this fall will make you realise if you are ready or not) So better is to keep the pace with time and introspect to understand.

And then you know, you are ready for getting married!!

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