How to react when partner asks for breakup

It is shattering when the partner asks for breakup. All the beautiful moments simply run before our eyes. Mind is fogged by only one question- “what exactly went wrong?” The search for any answer seems futile and even more painful.

How to react when partner asks for breakup...
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Visits to the tomb of memories become a regular phenomenon. However, you still cannot let go. Each notification on phone seems to be from that distanced one.
It is an excruciating movement into the abyss of questions and solitude. How could love fly away in such thin air? When your partner asks for moving on or a breakup, one simply cannot understand how to react.

break up

What to do or say in such situations?

  • Try to reason out the person calmly

    Just understand the problem. Listen intently. Don’t get aggressive at any point. I know it hurts to know that the love of your life wants to part ways, but just try to understand their stance.

  • Don’t clutch, just let go.

    If the problem has no solution, then let go. I know it is easier said than done. But as Lao Tzu said, “To hold, you must first open your hand. Let go”. Understand that you cannot bind someone in a relationship against his or her will. Even if you try to stay with them, you will simply be hanging onto a corpse of your relationship. Therefore, it is better to let the person and relationship go.

    breaking up

It might sound cheesy and straight out of rom-com, but the person will come around if s/he has to. It is possible that after moving away a realization dawns that how beautiful it was. But for that you need to let go once.

  • Part on a good note with all the beautiful memories intact.

    Respect the time spent with the person. Take a lesson from it and move on.

  • Don’t cling on to the memories.

    This is the worst thing one can do own self. Living in past and hurting yourself will take you nowhere. Also, do not go for any rebound relationships. In other words, don’t commit the mistake of hurrying into another relationship to forget the previous one.

    breaking up
  • Addiction is no solution.

    Trying to take a refuge in smoking, drinking or in drugs, is no solution. Your partner left you for good, but by doing this, you are simply missing the opportunity to improve yourself. When s/he left, that moment was not the end of the world.

Nevertheless, it was just the end of that chapter, so sign it off with grace and move onto next one. This new chapter will have a better you who learns from mistake, respect the past but does not cling onto it.

It’s just one heartbreak, learn from it and move ahead. You have a beautiful life ahead. Best wishes!!!

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